June 29, 2015

Daily Instagram Style

Pumps: Nine West  // Jeans: J Brand // Necklace: Baublebar
Cami: Topshop // Watch: Michael Kors // Wallet: Marc by Marc Jacobs 
Lipgloss: NARS // Lipstick: NARS 

What is LIKEtoKNOW.it and How to Shop My Instagram Posts:
You might have noticed if you follow me on Instagram (or other bloggers) that sometimes at the end of the post it says “@LIKEtoKNOW.it”.  Well, this is a way to shop (and find out the outfit details) of the Instagram post by signing-up with LIKEtoKNOW.it.

So, here is how it works...
1.  Go to LIKEtoKNOW.it and sign-up.
(Note: You do not need to follow me on LIKEtoKNOW.it.
You can if you want, but it is not necessary for the following steps.)
2.  Follow me (@dailystylefinds) on Instagram
3.  “Like” my post.
4. And, an email with all the outfit details (just like the one above) will be sent to your inbox.
5. It’s that easy! 

Instagram is my favorite social channel, and with this added feature, it is so fun and easy to find out what others are actually wearing!

The Girl on the Train
Has anyone else read this book?  I typically do not read fiction - but I heard good things about this book, so I thought I would read it.  Plus, it is set in London - so right there, I am interested. So far - I am enjoying it.

Jesus Calling
I love this daily devotional. When I read the each one - I feel as though they were written specifically for me, and what I am dealing with.

"HOLD MY HAND— AND TRUST. So long as you are conscious of My Presence with you, all is well."

How to Win Friends & Influence People
This book has been on my reading list for quite some time.  I am currently reading it - it has some good advice.  We are to read everything twice - so that we remember it - and then put it into practice so not to forget it.

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain— and most fools do. But it takes character and self-control to be understanding and forgiving. “A great man shows his greatness,” said Carlyle, “by the way he treats little men.”"

I have mentioned this book before - but I enjoyed reading the story of how Sophia Amorusa started and grew her highly successful business.

"If you believe that what you’re doing will have positive results, it will—even if it's not immediately obvious."

June 25, 2015

Fourth of July

1. Watch: Kate Spade (40% off) // 2. Sunglasses: J. Crew // 3. Bucket Bag: Kate Spade
4. Tote: Kate Spade // 5. Skirt: Topshop (Seen here)
6. Sandal: J. Crew // 7. Bracelets: Sequin // 8. Shirt: J. Crew
9. USA Sign: Mr Christmas // 10. Sneaker: J. Crew // 11. Cami: Topshop

"Your goals should be your friends; they should excite you, and you should look forward to working toward them. Goals are not chores . In fact, if any begin to feel like a chore, you need to reevaluate. If a goal seems too hard, make it easier."
- Grow Your Handmade Business

June 24, 2015

Red and Leopard

Cami: Topshop // Jeans: J Brand // Necklace: Kendra Scott via Rocksbox*
Watch: Michael Kors // Ring: Sophie Harper via Rocksbox*
Sandals: Nine West (Similar here and here) // Sunglasses: Bobbi Brown
Lipstick: NARS (Heat Wave) // Lipgloss: NARS
Clutch: J. Crew

I love my red cami.  It is the perfect red and perfect for summer.  

“There is a difference between Wishing for a thing and being ready to receive it. No one is ready for a thing, until he believes he can acquire it. The state of mind must be belief, not mere hope or wish. Open-mindedness is essential for belief. Closed minds do not inspire faith, courage, and belief.”

To BELIEVE in yourself...  I think it is easy to get stuck in the negative - pity me thinking - and struggle with believing we can accomplish great things. We can feel overwhelmed and not know how to move forward on what we want. I know I am guilty of this and have eluded to it recently. I think it is something we all struggle with - especially in this very personal blogging community.  It is easy to get caught up in comparisons and the lack of courage to do our own thing. This idea of BELIEVING makes me think of a quote recently from the NBA finals, when LeBron responded to a reporter's question and said that he was the “best player in the world”.  This is a bold statement.  I do not think we should go around boosting that we are the best - but on the flip side - we need to believe in ourselves.  LeBron believes he is the best and he plays like he is the best, which I believe has a lot to do with his attitude. (He has also been blessed with amazing athletic ability.)  Contrary to boasting though, it is best to display a humble attitude with an internal belief in our abilities.  Internally, we need to BELIEVE we can accomplish great things through the One that strengthens us and has given us our unique abilities.

*One month free - Code: DailyStyleFindsXoXo

A few more days to enter the #giveaway.

June 23, 2015

Summer Dresses

topshop, summer dresses, reversible tote, nordstrom, wedge sandals

1. Panama Hat: Scala (Nordstrom) // 2. Sunglasses: Prada (Budget Option $8) // 3. Floppy Hat: Nordstrom
4. Sunglasses: Gucci // 5. Dress: Topshop // 6. Bracelet: Sequin (Nordstrom)
7. Bracelet: Sara Bella // 8. Bracelet: Sequin (Nordstrom) // 9. Dress: Topshop
10. Tote: Street Level (Reversible)* // 11. Tote: Street Level (Reversible)* // 12. Sandal: Steve Madden
13. Lip Stain: YSL // 14. Multi-Stick: NARS // 15. Sandal: Dolce Vita

*Both these totes are reversible, and under $50!

"WAIT PATIENTLY WITH ME while I bless you. Don’t rush into My Presence with time-consciousness gnawing at your mind. I dwell in timelessness: I am, I was, I will always be."

For me, PATIENCE is something I struggle with.  I am not a patient person - when it comes to getting things done, or waiting for something to happen, or even driving.  Slowly watching my blog grow - takes patience - wondering what the next steps are - is extremely difficult.  I like to run ahead - get things done - and not wait.  It is a daily reminder that I do not need to number my steps or plan my way on MY own - rather, I need to sit and listen - and hear what is next.  My ways are not always His ways (Isaiah 55:9).

June 18, 2015

Floral Skirt

floral j. crew, monogram necklace, kate spade tote, summer style, kendra scott andy cuff
1. Denim Jacket: J. Crew // 2. Necklace: Baublebar // 3. Blouse: J. Crew
4. Bracelet: Kate Spade // 5. Tote: Kate Spade // 6. Lipstick: YSL
7. Cologne: Jo Malone London // 8. Wedge: Michael Kors // 9. Pencil Skirt: J. Crew

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain— and most fools do. But it takes character and self-control to be understanding and forgiving. “A great man shows his greatness,” said Carlyle, “by the way he treats little men.""
- How To Win Friends and Influence People

June 17, 2015

Giveaway & My Style

Today, I am teaming up with my Style Me Bloggers to giveaway $130 to the Gap Brands (Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic).  I met this lovely group of ladies through the Get Your Pretty On Style Challenges.  I am so glad to have met them - they are a supportive, caring group of women.


Our Style Me Bloggers group is talking about our style.  My style revolves around black.  On most days, I will be wearing black - either my jeans, top, jacket, shoes or even a necklace.  I recently got this neon yellow bag, and I love how it adds a pop of color to a mostly black look.   I wore this look a few weeks ago, but I wanted to share it again because it is one of my favorites.

Jacket: Halogen // Top: The Limited (Similar here or here
Sandals: Old (Similar here or here) // Jeans: J. Brand
Mini Tote: Rebecca Minkoff (Also, in White and Other colors)
Watch: Michael Kors // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban // Necklace: Jenny Bird via Rocksbox*
Lipstick: NARS (Manhunt) // Nail Polish: NARS (Torre Del Oro)

*I got this statement necklace through Rocksbox. If you have not heard about Rocksbox or tried it - you can read about it here. I am offering my readers one month free (Code: dailystylefindsxoxo).

"I AM CREATING something new in you: a bubbling spring of Joy that spills over into others’ lives. Do not mistake this Joy for your own or try to take credit for it in any way. Instead, watch in delight as My Spirit flows through you to bless others. Let yourself become a reservoir of the Spirit’s fruit."
- Jesus Calling

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And, a Link Up...

June 15, 2015

Beach Time

1. Beach Umbrella: Sunnylife //  2. Top: Topshop // 3. Cool Down Lotion: Sun Bum
4. Sunscreen: Sun Bum // 5. Lip Balm: Sun Bum // 6. Sunglasses: Ray Ban
7. Shorts: Topshop // 8. Underwater Camera: Sunnylife // 9. Swimsuit: Topshop 
10. Sandals: Jack Rogers // 11. Dress: Topshop
12. Beach Chair: Sunnylife // 13. Portable Speaker & Radio: Sunnylife

By the water - pool, pond, lake, ocean - is one of my favorite places to hang-out in the summer.  I love sitting by the water in my beach chair. (I probably shouldn't admit this - but I was quite the tomboy growing-up, and I loved going to the lake to a rustic cottage. I would spend the week running around without shoes, hanging out in the murky, seaweed, and slimy water - fishing and tubbing. And, once, I ended up with a leech between my toes - yuck!  Today that would totally gross me out - but back then, I just rolled with it. Where did the carefree days of youth go???) One thing though, I do not particularly like to swim (probably due to the fact I almost drowned when I was two), but I do like to walk along the shore or sit out by the pool.  One of my favorite shops - Nordstrom - has some of the best floaties, like the flamingo or duck, and other fun beach stuff, like these mermaid fins, underwater camera, and a speaker/radio, which you can use with your iPhone.

"If you believe that what you’re doing will have positive results, it will— even if it’s not immediately obvious."

June 10, 2015

New Boots

Tank: Topshop (Runs large) // Jeans: J. Brand (Also, seen here)
Necklace: The Limited (Similar here) // Watch: Michael Kors // Sunglasses: Michael Kors
Boots: DUO c/o // Lipstick: NARS (Manhunt)

Boots are one of my favorite things - I look forward to fall and winter - just so I can wear boots.  I recently was introduced to DUO, an on trend British women’s footwear brand with great design and craftsmanship.  What is great about DUO is that they offer 21 different calf widths for their boots - so you can custom fit them to your needs, plus they offer 3 different widths.  DUO offers a great selection of ankle boots that can be worn all year round - including this summer, plus sandals, and boots for the fall and winter, or like me - the short riding boot that I think can be worn year round.  And, I just might step out of my comfort zone and try these boots with shorts or a summer dress.

"DON’T BE SO HARD ON YOURSELF. I can bring good even out of your mistakes. Your finite mind tends to look backward, longing to undo decisions you have come to regret. This is a waste of time and energy, leading only to frustration. Instead of floundering in the past, release your mistakes to Me. Look to Me in trust, anticipating that My infinite creativity can weave both good choices and bad into a lovely design."
- Jesus Calling

Lastly, the thought of the day -- which as I look at my pictures, blog, I am so critical - I compare, and try to think why can't I be as good as "x".  I am learning, growing, and each trial is a process of something new learned. And, I am not like anyone else - I am unique and on my own path. This past year - I have grown, and learned more than I could ever have had I not gone through what I did.  It is a hard lesson to learn - but we grow through difficulties, and as cliche as it sounds - I need to embrace the stumbles, and keep growing...

June 9, 2015

Summer Style

summer style, flat sandals, slides, reversible tote, beach tote, what to wear vacation

1. V-Neck Tee: J. Crew // 2. Sunglasses: Ray Ban // 3. Tank: J. Crew
4. Sleeveless Cardigan: Topshop // 5. Bracelet: Sequin
6. Denim: Topshop // 7. Reversible Tote: Street Level
8. Reversible Tote: Street Level // 9. Nail Polish: Essie // 10. Denim: Topshop
8. Sandal: J. Crew (30% off Code: ShopNow) // 12. Sandal: Steve Madden (Under $60)

A couple of easy, summer styles.  Plus, both these totes are reversible - and under $50. 

"Sometimes it simply will not work out. And in those times, you will learn more than when you get it right. After all, in the end, it’s the journey that defines us, not the destination."
- Elements of Style: Designing a Home & a Life

June 4, 2015


jessica simpson jaydn sandal, rompers, topshop, baublebar, kendra scott, rebecca minkoff satchel, tory burch mini diana clutch
1. Necklace: Baublebar // 2. Jumpsuit: Topshop // 3. Sunglasses: Prada (Budget option only $8)
4. Necklace: Baublebar // 5. Ring: Baublebar // 6. Romper: Topshop
7. Clutch: Tory Burch // 8. Ring: Kendra Scott // 9. Satchel: Rebecca Minkoff
10. Sandal: Steve Madden // 11. Lipgloss: YSL 
12. Perfume: Michael Kors // 13. Sandal: Jessica Simpson

" Who is in charge of your life? If it is you, then you have good reason to worry. But since I am in charge, worry is both unnecessary and counterproductive. When you start to feel anxious about something, relinquish the situation to Me. Back off a bit, redirecting your focus to Me. I will either take care of the problem Myself or show you how to handle it. In this world you will have problems, but you need not lose sight of Me."

June 1, 2015

Long Days

Cardigan: Halogen // Tee: Forever 21 (Only $10) // Jeans: Citizens of Humanity (Similar here)
Booties: Vince Camuto (Similar here, here, or here) // Necklace: BP. (Only $9)
Handbag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Similar for only $48) // Watch: Michael Kors
Lipstick: NARS (Manhunt) // Nail Polish: NARS (Paradiso)

Hope you had a great weekend!

I wore this look last week.  Long cardigans are on trend this season - and I picked this one up at Nordstrom a few months ago.  I have gotten a lot of wear out of it because is a great layering piece, especially for the fluctuating temperatures this time of year. It is super lightweight, but surprisingly warm.  I like the neutral color (but it also comes in black, pink, and navy) because it pairs easily with a lot of things. 

Also, a big thank you to Classic Yet Trendy and Peaches in a Pod for featuring my pop of neon look!

"We must come to realize the battles we face in this life are not ours, but God’s. If we stop trying to win them by relying on the arm of the flesh, we will find the arm of the Lord moving on our behalf and doing for us what we could never do on our own."
- Be Anxious for Nothing