March 13, 2013

Finds: Nordstrom Shopping Cart


What's in my cart at Nordstrom? A few casual finds under $100 for spring/summer.
1. BLANKNYC Vegan Leather Jacket sold @ Nordstrom ($98)
2. GO MAKE NOISE Textured Drape Front Jacket sold @ Nordstrom ($70)
3. Vince Camuto Enamel Bangle sold @ Nordstrom ($25.46 each)
4. Topshop Crop Sweater sold @ Nordstrom ($60)
5. BLANKNYC Boyfriend Jeans sold @ Nordstrom ($88)
6. DV by Dolce Vita Balko Pump sold @ Nordstrom ($68.95)

Why do I shop at Nordstrom? Nordstrom is one of my favorite places to shop, and it does not surprise me that recently they moved ahead of Kohl's to the #1 spot as the nation's most popular fashion retailer. If I ever have to talk to customer service (which I very rarely do), I know that they will be easy to talk with and will resolve my problem without a lot of hassle, which is not the experience I have had with other stores. Also, since they started offering free shipping both ways, it makes it an easy and risk free process to try things since the nearest Nordstrom store is over two hours away. I wish they would expand their Rack offerings online, but I know that they are moving forward with 14 new Nordstrom Rack stores this year.


  1. I love those jackets!!

  2. Me, too, especially #1 with its asymmetrical collar and zippers.

  3. Is Nordstrom's shipping fast? I ask becuase Haute Look (which is part of Nordstrom) is the WORST!! It's usually 2 weeks before you even get a shipping confirmation. Do you find Nordstom's prices comparable to Kohl's, Penny's, etc? I have never really considered them an option because I have always preceived them as expensive.

  4. I think it is relatively fast. My order usually ships within a few days (sometimes faster). You can also order online and pick it up at a store. I do not shop a lot at Kohl's/JCP - but I think Nordstrom offers some (comparable) reasonably priced items, which I have found to be good quality. I usually watch for markdowns - and if you buy something and it goes on sale within 2 weeks, they are really good at refunding the difference. One thing, Nordstrom does not have percentage off sales or coupons, but they have their anniversary sale in July (with up to 40%, I believe, off selected new arrivals).

  5. Thanks for the reply!!


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