March 5, 2013

Try On H&M


Outfit #1
Denim Jacket sold @ H&M - $39.95
Blouse sold @ H&M - $34.95
Skinny Low Jeans sold @ H&M - $29.95

Outfit #2
Jacket sold @ H&M - $49.95
Top sold @ H&M - $9.95
Super Skinny Super Low Jeans sold @ H&M - $19.95

Outfit #3
Skinny Low Jeans sold @ H&M - $29.95
Sweater sold @ H&M - $29.95
Top sold @ H&M - $7.95

Jessica Simpson Sawana sold @ Zappos

When you are shopping online have you ever wondered how different pieces may go together - well, H&M has this fun "Try On" dressing room feature that does just that. That is how I created the three styled looks today. I wish every store had this feature. It is a great way to see what something looks like when shopping online. The only draw back is that sometimes I would like to see the jacket open and not zipped/buttoned up or the boyfriend jeans rolled up.


  1. H&M had some great jackets online this morning. Cheap too!

  2. H&M does have some cute things for a cheap price - I need to get to the mall and check it out.

  3. I love the idea of a virtual dressing room, I must check out!! I am really loving what I have been seeing on H&M and Forever 21. Luckily I have both in 1 mall so I really should check them out in real life. Very fun post!


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