September 2, 2020

Update on Apple IMAC Computer + Continued Lack of Support

horrible apple customer service support

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Happy Wednesday!

I have to document this because it is insane how poor the customer service is at Apple. Their lack of acknowledgement of problems - and follow through - is proving to me that they are not an honorable company that stands behind their products or service.

  I was very hopeful last week when I finally had a breakthrough.  The senior advisor I spoke with said that the problem I have been having is with a faulty hard drive. I could not believe it - what I had been saying for the last nine months - someone finally acknowledged. 

After some back and forth conversation with the advisor - he agreed to put in a request to allow me to return this lemon of a machine and buy a new one.  I was supposed to receive an approval with legal documents within 24 hours, which would have been last Thursday afternoon. As of Friday, I had not heard anything, so I emailed the advisor.  As of Monday, still no word, so emailed him again.  As of today, I have not heard anything.  

Since this process does not seem to be moving along, and my machine is so pitiful - my husband suggested that we buy an external drive - and install the operating system on it - so that I can run my my machine from the external drive.

This is only a temporary solution - but nothing like setting up a machine for the bajillionth time - and having to spend an unnecessary $60 - just to use my iMAC.  I am so tired of setting up my machine - installing Office, Creative Cloud, preferences, logins, and all the many more things you do.  I have arranged my dock - and removed and added applications too many times... 

I really do not understand the lack of support.  I wish Apple would not make empty promises - and instead be a company of integrity - a company that follows through on what they say - and does not frustrate customers - by making them jump through endless hoops. If they would just admit this computer is a "lemon" and give me a new computer.  

I am loosing hope - and the excitement I felt last week in anticipation of possibly getting a new machine that worked is waning.  I want to anticipate good news today, but as more time elapses with no word, I have a feeling I will be calling and sitting on just one more long phone call - rehashing everything I have  already talked about many, many, many, many, many times before.


(You can read more about my story here and here.)

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  1. I am disgusted on your behalf with Apple! I cannot believe how terribly they have treated you! To get your hopes up last week only to let you down is so wrong. What a shame!


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