August 17, 2020

Monday Deals + Endless Apple IMAC Computer Trouble

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a great weekend.

You may remember a few months ago when I mentioned all the trouble I have been having with my Apple iMAC computer - well, I am still going back-and-forth with Apple.  

This computer would make a better door stop than a machine.  It is definitely a "lemon" but Apple will just not give in - without a lot of hassle.  They want to run me through what seem like endless calls, system diagnostic captures, log files, time stamps, along with trips to the store, wiping the machine clean, running updates - with no resolve so far!

The other day it took 2 minutes to just open Chrome (and load a blank page) after start-up.  And, that is not uncommon.  Any application I try to launch has a lot of lag - and any process I do is met with a spinning wheel.  Most days, I usually start-up my machine - while I go make breakfast, so that when I am done making breakfast - my machine is ready to use, and I can read my morning devotionals.

I am really hoping this time that just maybe Apple will take this machine back - refund me my money - and allow me to buy a new machine. I have thought about selling it since Apple has said there is nothing wrong with it - but morally I could not do that to someone.  I have thought about just throwing it away - and just buying a new machine myself - but why should I have to take the loss.

I am very disappointed in Apple.  They have failed in many ways...


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1 comment:

  1. Wow, I cannot believe what Apple doing to you, this is just ridiculous and those machine are expensive. How sad and shame on them - they need to replace it already. I hope you get some resolve soon!


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