May 14, 2020

5 Reasons to Not Buy a New Apple IMAC

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Happy Thursday! I hope you have had a great week so far.

I have debated writing this, but since I have struggled with this brand new - yet troublesome - Apple iMac for months - I wanted to share my experience in hopes to save others from the headache of buying an iMac.

I should preface this by saying I have worked on Apple (Mac) computers for over 20 years. I am very familiar with how they should run.  This new machine definitely does not live up to my expectations - and honestly, it runs worse than my 2014 iMac (and even my 2013 MacBook Air).  And, according to Apple, there is no problem with this machine - it performs as it should.

I would also like to include - these issues are not related to my Internet speed or connection.


#1 Unresponsive
The spinning wheel has become a constant companion with this machine.  It seems to come around anytime I want to do anything.  And, I mean anything - from opening System Preferences - to an application - to a file.  It doesn't matter the size of the file - or what I try to open - how little or how much I have open - it is just spins.

#2 Little power
It has very little power. I have to limit what I can open and run at the same time. 

#3 Slow
It runs extremely slow with pretty much anything I want to do. It takes forever to shut down, which I have to do often.  I usually end-up force quitting the machine because I can only wait for so many minutes before I loose my patience while the machine thinks about if it wants to shut down. 

#4 Restart
You pretty much have to shut this machine down every day and start from scratch - just to speed things up - and function at any manageable speed. 

#5 Lack of support
I have been calls with Apple (one of them was a very long call) - with no resolve.  I have taken the machine to the store a couple of times, where they have run tests, and totally erased my machine and started from scratch.  I have erased the machine a few times myself.  It is a headache to set up a machine each time - especially with no resolve.

I have realized through this horrible experience that Apple will drive you crazy trying to fix the machine - even if it just might be a "lemon".  They will not do what is right by just giving you a new machine.  Their best (and only) solution is to try to fix it - even if they can't find the problem - and it is a huge inconvenience to you.

 I am so sorry I bought this machine.  It has not been a good experience.

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  1. What an absolute shame! I am sorry you have had so many struggles and the lack of support is unacceptable. There should be a lemon law and your machine should qualify - Apple needs to make this right. Ugh!

  2. I have the feeling it's your internet speed and not your computer. I have an Apple desk top, lap top, phone, and iPad and I don't have any of these issues and the one time I did call for support, they were very helpful . I have 5G internet.


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