September 14, 2020

FIVE Tips to Make Wiser Shopping Decisions

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1. Sweater // 2. Quilted Bag // 3. Jeans

Happy Monday!

I hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing weekend.

My favorite flip flops are 40% off.

This v-neck sweater is only $13.

This leopard cardigan is 60% off.

I love this new fleece sweatshirt.

These dark grey (almost black) jeans are a great deal for 55% off.

This cute jacket is 50% off.

When it comes to shopping, it is easy to impulse buy and end up with something that does not fit, is too trendy, does not coordinate with what you already have in your closet, or is just something you do not feel comfortable wearing. Here are some tips to help you make wiser and more strategic shopping decisions. 

#1 Cost vs Wear 
One of the most important things to consider when buying something new is how many times you will wear the item and what it costs. You want to compare the overall cost to the amount of wear. An expensive item that will not be worn that often is not a good investment; however, if you will wear it often for many seasons, then that is a better investment. 

#2 Comfort 
Another thing to consider is how comfortable the item is to wear. If it is something that does not fit or you are not comfortable, then do not buy it. If you have to make justifications, then do not buy it. If the item is not a “wow” or you “love it” right from the moment you try it on, then it is not worth the money. Those items will most likely end up taking up closet space - and never get worn. 

#3 Quality 
It is important to consider the quality of an item. If it something that is not made well and will not hold up after washing, then it is not worth the money - even if it is really cheap. It is easy to buy things that do not cost a lot, but end up getting tossed because they fell apart. 

#4 Coordinates + Versatile 
When buying something new it is important to consider how the item will coordinate with the other items in your closet. If it something that will not match anything you own and you have to buy something else to go with it, then it might not be the wisest decision. You want to buy versatile items that you can mix and match with items that already exist in your closet. 

#5 Trendy vs Classic
Trends come and go - and some very quickly. When buying a trendy item - consider the cost and think about how many times you will wear it before it is out of style. Classic pieces are some of the best staple pieces. They are items that you can wear over multiple seasons - and will not go out of style.

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