May 29, 2020

Fashion Consciousness + What We Buy

Happy Friday!

It's almost the weekend - and I hope you had a great week.  I have been taking a bit of a break from blogging this week. 

I love that classic all white outfit.  There is something so timeless about white and cognac.

Last night I watched a Netflix series - all about Fast Fashion.  It really made me think - about all the clothing waste - and the environmentally harmful process. 

In 1980's, the average American bought 12 new items of clothing in a year.  Today, we buy an average 80 new things.  And, so many of those things are worn only a few times, and many end up in the landfill.  The average American throws away 80 pounds of clothes a year.

Even oif you think you do a good thing by donating them - many of them end up as trash.  In NY city, one Salvation Army creates 18 tons of unwanted clothes in 3 days.

Brands used to create clothing for 4 seasons a year (spring, summer, fall, and winter).  Today, fast fashion brands like Zara and H&M have 52 seasons a year (or really weeks). With new clothing coming into the store 4 times per week.

Most of our clothes - are made cheaply - and of synthetic fabrics, which are made from 324 billion barrels of oil each year.  If you think about it, that faux-leather jacket - it is actually made from oil.  

All of this fashion is taking a toll on the environment.  Our natural resources are being used - increasing the carbon emissions in the process.  To create fabrics like viscose, forests are being cut down, leaving barren land - causing soil erosion - and in turn increasing carbon in the atmosphere. Factories that are creating fabrics are emitting harmful pollutants into the air and water.  Then, these items get to the store to be bought and then "thrown away".  All of that to wear something a few times...

We all talk about wearing clothes more - mixing and matching - and "shopping our closet" - and it really can make a difference.  If everyone would wear one piece of clothing 9 months longer - it could reduce the carbon footprint by 30%.

This has given me something to think about... and, I almost feel guilty sharing "my daily finds and deals".  I think it is okay to shop - I love shopping, but it has made me consider - what I buy - how much I buy - how much will I wear it - what is it made of - where was it made...

So with those thoughts to ponder - I will share my picks of the week.

This striped tank - from a favorite brand - and something that is classic and will last.

These classic jeans.

These woven mules for 60% off.

This summer sundress - great as a dress or beach cover-up - and 50% off.

This is one of my favorite blouses - and it is an extra 50% off.

These cute linen shorts - I might buy - I need new shorts!

I love a classic raglan sweatshirt - and it's on sale.

This is my "go to" necklace in the summer with a tee.

This fun sweater that could be worn two ways.

I might buy these ankle booties for 45% off - great staple color.

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  1. Oh my goodness, those numbers about fast fashion really make me think. I probably need to watch that show. It might help me become more disciplined - I am so guilty of buying and only wearing a handful of times!

  2. I love all white too. That’s just crazy to think about the evolution of clothing. I hope you have a sweet weekend.

  3. I watched that series too and it really makes you think. I try to be more conscious about buying things that I will wear over and over. Love the all white look! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  4. I have drastically reduced the amount of buying in the last couple of years. And I'm trying to invest in "nicer" products so that they last longer. But those deals sure are hard to resist! So I've unsubscribed from all but 3 stores' email ads. I've not watched that documentary but the current recycling situation (or lack thereof because of our relationship with China) has me really thinking (agonizing?) about plastics. SO.MUCH.WASTE!

  5. Very nice post, so true that we are seemingly oblivious to the amount of waste. The lines for dropoff at my neighborhood thrift store (normally) have bags of clothes people don't want, and inside the racks are choked with options. Consider a post for an original look from a thrift store, or how to add chic to a few existing (or new) pieces with the addition of something thrifted. My sister recently scored a Missoni scarf from a thrift store in Venice, CA for $20. I got a shaggy pink coat for my daughter for $28 that she wore to a modeling gig. The photographer wanted to include it for her portfolio! Another friend of mine has mad sewing skills so she tailors her thrifted finds to fit and has come up with some really original looks. I mean, if you're going to shop, here's where you can support a local charity, find something original, and not spend so much money.


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