May 22, 2020

Memorial Day Sales + Most Popular Items

Happy Friday - and holiday weekend!

It is hard to believe it is Memorial Day.  There are a lot of great Memorial Day sales happening.  It also important to remember that this day is not just for sales and a day off of work, but to remember and honor those that have served and died serving our country.  Thank you to all those men and women.

Since a lot of us will be heading back to the office soon, I have a feeling we may be doing some shopping to buy some new things to wear.

I personally would be okay if I never returned to the office - and I hope I can prolong working from home as long as possible.  I mentioned in another post that working from home has been amazing!  I am more productive and feel so much healthier.  I read that 60% of workers have said during this pandemic they have felt just as productive or more productive while working from home.  And, they are less stressed.  Working from home is also helping the environment in the process. During this pandemic the carbon emissions have dropped by 17% - which is unprecedented; however, as things have started top open up - our emissions are going up again.

Hopefully, businesses will take notice of this.

As far as weekend sales, those Tory Burch Miller sandals are on sale for 40% off.  And, those espadrille slides are 40% off.

This cute bag.

This summer lace sundress.

This perfect summer tie-front blouse.

This classic and popular jeans.

This classic blazer that is 50% off - great styled with jeans or shorts.

This linen spring jacket for 60% off.

This garden print maxi dress is 50% off.

These Birkenstock sandals are 45% off.

This button front linen camisole for only $18..

These cute woven mules for 60% off.

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  1. I am keeping my fingers crossed that you can continue to work from home. Great buys as always and have a sweet Holiday weekend!

  2. My husband dreads having to return to the office too. Not sure when that will be for him but we hope it's not anytime soon. Have a great weekend!

  3. I hope a lot of employers are "okay" with more people working from home when things open up. Sometimes it makes so much sense. I want to lose a little weight before I do any more shopping. Ugh.


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