May 16, 2020

10 Kitchen Essentials to Cook At Home

Happy Weekend!

Since we are all doing a lot of cooking at home, I thought I would share my 10 kitchen essentials.  I use pretty much most of these on a daily basis.

I have learned that good, healthy cooking is pretty easy. It typically starts with a base - like onions and garlic - to which you add spices and herbs, vegetables, and meat.  For me made from scratch food tastes so much better than any pre-packaged meals.  Growing up, I never ate any processed foods. I don't think I ever had a microwaved dinner. And, still today, I only eat homemade food. Also, I would suggest not using any "seasoning packets" - you can easily create your own spice mixes or grind the spices from seeds or dried peppers.

The more I cook, I have realized that I love Asian, Mediterranean, Mexican, and Indian-inspired foods - like stir fry, hummus, mole and re-fried beans, and curry.  I love Italian-inspired foods - but not necessarily straight-forward Italian, like spaghetti.

Last night, we had beef stir fry.  It was grated ginger, garlic, scallions, some vegetables - carrots and broccoli - and beef (and you could use chicken or shrimp).  The sauce was soy sauce, dry sherry (real alcohol - not vinegar) - a little sesame oil, corn starch, and a little white sugar.  At the end sprinkle with some sesame seeds.  That is it. It is really simple.

 This classic chef's knife.  There is not a day that goes by that I do not use this knife.  I use it to chop pretty much everything.  I have been doing a lot of chopped salads - and it is great for chopping the kale and lettuces.

I have owned this microplane grater for years.  It is great for grating ginger, garlic, lemon/lime zest - which we used in many of our recipes.

 I could not live without this paring knife.  I use it for peeling apples, ginger, and rough cutting vegetables.  

 My covered sauce pan.  I use this to make my favorite oatmeal each morning - or homemade caramel sauce - or my favorite rice. 

I use this frying pan for pretty much any meal.  I also have the smaller and larger ones, too.

This cookbook - it is all the basics. It really helps to explain the basis of foods - and how to build on them to modify recipes - and make some tasty meals.

 These mixing bowls are great.  I use the small one to make my favorite chocolate cake.

These cutting boards.  I use these daily - to chop my salad, vegetables, etc.

And, this is my husband's favorite coffee grinder.


Just in case you missed it - I shared my thoughts on working from home HERE.

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  1. Stir fry sounds delicious! I used to make it often and not sure why I ever stopped, such a great way to get veggies in! I have a cheap coffee grinder and it stinks. I need to upgrade. xo,


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