February 14, 2020

Top 5 Pinterest Outfits for Valentine's Day

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Happy Friday - and Happy Valentine's Day!

I thought it would be fun to pull together some pink and red style inspiration for Valentine's Day.  These are just a few of my favorite looks and top Pinterest pinned outfits that I have styled over the years.  If I was to pick a favorite - I am not sure I could - I love them all!  Putting outfit collages together is a lot of work - but it is something I still love to do!   I could literally work on creating these all day long, if I could.

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned that my brand new computer was not working - well, one very long call to customer service, two trips to the Apple store, one week without a computer, three times of erasing/re-installing EVERYTHING - and the problem does not seem to be fixed.  I have spent WAY TO MUCH TIME on this problem - and Apple will not stand behind their product and just give me a new machine.  I have owned nine Apple computers over the years - and this machine is definitely a "lemon".  Apple has put me through so much protocol - and I am about to loose it!  If I have to set up my computer and re-install and set up all my applications, fonts, presets, etc. one more time - I might just cry in the corner and just give up.  I have had it!

So, if you wonder if I go MIA that's where I am...

This pink blouse that is 40% off. 

This beautiful lace blouse for 40% off. 

This perfect jeans - both color and style.

This cozy chunky sweater for an additional 50% off.

This flattering ballet neck sweater for 40% off.


This really cute new arrival subtle pink plaid blazer.

These leopard sneakers are only $50 (and look like the Golden Goose ones).

I love these woven mule sandals for 60% off.

This pretty floral blouse for 50% off.

One of my favorite winter sweaters for an extra 50% off.

I love the color of this fleece sweatshirt for only $13.

Save // Splurge

I am wearing the "save" sweater. See my try on session HERE

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  1. Love the Valentine's outfits - they are so pretty! I am so sorry you are being mistreated by Apple - honestly, they need to just replace it already! Hang in there, I hope it all gets straightened out soon.
    Have a Happy Valentine's Day Lisa, I hope you feel loved!

  2. Oh sweet girl, I am so very sorry about the computer problems, it is just so darn frustrating! You sure do look beautiful in your animal print sweater and I love all the looks of love! Happy Valentine’s Day my sweet friend!

  3. Love the Valentines outfits! The last is my fav! Super cute ideas.

    xo, Sarah

  4. Ugh! I’m so sorry about your computer woes. That is so frustrating!

    Beautiful Valentino’s outfits. My favorite is the outfit with the palest pink. Probably my favorite because pale pink looks hideous on me, so I have to live vicariously when someone else wears it.


  5. So many fabulous Valentine's looks, Lisa! Ugg, I hate hearing the struggle you are going through with your computer. That is an absolute nightmare. I hope they will help you resolve the issue in some way that is fair and equitable. Thanks so much for linking up this week!


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