February 19, 2020

Pink Sweatshirt, Crop Flare Jeans + Animal Print Sneakers

Happy Wednesday!

One of my goals with this blog was to stay true to my style.  In putting this spring outfit together, I am drawn to the overall style - but I step back and wonder - would I wear this?  The twist front sweatshirt - I would wear.  Would I wear it in pink?  Maybe.  I tend to gravitate towards white or black, but a pop of color is nice once and awhile.  As far as sneakers, I love the way they look on everyone, but I have not gotten in to wearing them; however, I really like those animal print ones - with the shiny silver.

So, yes, I might wear this look. Also, I love skinny jeans - but I know the jean trend is shifting to more of a straight leg, with a crop/flare.  I just ordered a pair of crop flare jeans - so we will see how it goes - and if I keep them.

4. Backpack (Under $100) // 5. Lipstick & Liner // 6. Animal Print Sneakers 

These cute animal print "workout" sneakers are only $19.

This chunky sweater in fun spring colors is $30.

This tie front waffle top with side buttons is only $8.

These pink suede mules are 50% off.

This fleece with a fun contrasting trim is only $17.

This sweater is $16 - and comes in a lot of colors.

These woven mules are still a favorite of mine.

This striped sweater is a good deal.

I love this leopard sweater for $30.

This leopard skirt is only $22.

I cannot believe this tie dye sweatshirt is only $11.

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  1. That pink sweatshirt outfit is sooo super cute!!! Have a wonderful Wednesday xo

  2. I love the color pink of this twist front sweater. Definitely a pretty early spring look. I'm loving all the new sneakers lately too! Haven't gotten any but I am enjoying seeing them.


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