February 5, 2020

Outfit Guide: Sweater, Jeans + Sneakers

Happy Wednesday!

I am trying a "new" format to my looks.  Isn't it funny how things evolve and re-cycle? When I first started this blog, I did more vertical layouts with text. In the last few years, I have gotten away from it to create square looks because they were easier to share on Instagram and also include in weekly link-ups. 

I have wanted to get back to more vertical looks, so I am giving it a try again.  I am actually going to try to create both.  It isn't much extra work once I have all the pieces pulled together and cut out.  We will see how it goes.

Let me know if you have a preference.


I found these leopard sneakers for only $14 - that are almost identical to the Golden Goose ones.

This tunic sweater - great with leggings and sneakers - is only $39.

This tie front tee is only $8.

These sneakers are only $29 - and would look great styled with black.

This pretty pink blouse is perfect for Valentine's Day.

These jeans are 40% off.

These cute hoop earrings are on sale for $12.

I like this new arrival henley top.

This fun tie dye sweatshirt is only $30.

This sweater with side buttons and 40% off - comes in a fun pink (and classic navy).

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  1. Those heart earrings are so elegant - love how chic this outfit is!

  2. To me, you are the queen of incredible layouts so I love both ways. And of course, I adore the red and sneaks!!

  3. I totally understand needing to have both vertical and horizontal layouts, though I always wished everyone could just agree on ONE format. Fabulous outfit as usual and thank you so much for your support and sweet comment today!


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