February 13, 2020

Hearts for Valentine's Day + Last Chance Winter Sales

This is my favorite jewelry brand - and I just might buy that charm bracelet.

It's Thursday - and we are in the middle of a snow storm.  It took a long time for winter to show-up, but the past two weeks it is definitely winter.

My encouragement for today.

I think we can all relate to those times of "brokenness" in our lives.  When we do not understand what is happening and we wonder why there is pain and struggles in our life.  Tomorrow is Valentine's Day - which is supposed to be a day of love and all things happy - but for some it is a time filled with loss, heartache, pain, hurt...

My encouragement today is if you are going through a rough time to look at the situation from God's perspective - what is it's purpose - what can you learn from it - how can you grow...

"God breaks us to mature us. Spiritual growth has three aspects: change, growth, and brokenness... If we are to change and grow, we must be willing to move away from what has been holding us back, pushing us down, or keeping us from being in a position to receive God’s best. We must be willing to give up our hold on the things to which we have been clinging with all our might. This often requires being broken."

Taken from the book - Finding God's Blessings in Brokenness - that I enjoyed - and has beautiful photography on each page. 

This red blouse is on sale for only $10.

I like this bold stripe sweater that is 60% off.

This comfy cross front sweater/sweatshirt is only $20.

This cute tie dye tee shirt dress is only $25.

This cute floral dress is on sale for $21.

This flattering wrap front sweater for only $14.

This fun striped sweater for 40% off.

This best selling ombre sweatshirt.

This packable pink utility jacket is a good deal.

I own these beige suede pumps that are 50% off - and they are comfy and stylish.

This fun pink sweater (or striped option) for spring.

These on trend crop flare jeans - in a great spring wash.

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