February 7, 2020

How to Style Red + My Most Popular Items

Happy Friday!

This red-inspired look is just me.  As I mentioned before, I am not really into red - but I really do love the pop of red in the knit beanie (with the big brand label) and the red jacket - paired with the light wash jeans.  I have been looking for the perfect pair of light wash jeans - and this look really makes me want to find them even more!

My encouragement today is about the impact of friendships...

This week one of my longtime blogging friends, Gina, decided to stop blogging for now (and possibly forever).  She has been a constant in my blogging life - someone that I connected with - and has been a wonderful encourager to me over the years.  She was always there to leave a comment - and to "cheer me on".  With her decision to stop blogging, I feel a sadness that my weekly connection to her - and her blog - has ended.  I think we all have those connections that come in and out of our life at times.  And, when they leave - there is an emptiness.  Even though, I will continue to stay in contact with her - it is a change.   A change that seems to be happening all too often.  Last year, The Blended Blog ended. I found such enjoyment from our group and our encouraging conversations throughout the week as we collaborated on the blog content.  So, I am sad to see another blogging connection coming to a close.

My encouragement is to know that there is a season and plan for everything - and to not feel discouraged if things are changing.

God is the engineer of social relationships. He has a way of bringing the right people into your life at the right times for the right purposes. Sometimes the relationships last a lifetime. Sometimes they are intended only for a season in life.

From the book - The Source of My Strength

This pink sweater for only $20 (also available in other colors).

One of my favorite winter sweaters - on sale!

This v-neck sweater for 50% off - and available in different colors.

These popular straight leg jeans - in the perfect wash.

This 1/2 zip fleece is on sale for $15 - and I love the color!


This new cozy v-neck top that comes in a lot of colors.

These pretty lilac workout leggings are on sale for $17.

This sweatshirt is on sale for an extra 50% off.

This twist front top on sale for $17.

This red dress is only $14 (also in more colors).

This lace blouse is 40% off.

This Valentine's Day "heart" sweater is only $25.

This fun tie dye sweatshirt.

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  1. I hear you Lisa, I feel the same way about Gina's break. While I totally understand her decision I will miss the connection as well. That's the thing about blogging, we do make connections and they do matter. I'll miss Gina too! I'm not one for change, I like things and people to stay just as they are in my life but that's not reality. Glad you shared this today, I think many of us can relate!

  2. That is a bummer Gina is taking an indefinite break, she is great at what she does and I too will miss her posts and blogger encouragement. I absolutely understand though and support her choice.

    I do love all of these red pieces!

    xx, Elise

  3. I love all the red!
    I have been making connections through blogging in the past year and hoping to make more and develop these connections. Glad you will keep in touch.

  4. Give me all the red! I love it so much! I am so with you, I was shocked by Gina’s announcement but totally get it and I think a lot of us are feeling that way. Have a beautiful weekend!


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