May 26, 2017

My Friday Five + Toronto Travel Diary

 Happy Friday!

1. This perfect for summer maxi dress.

2. This $20 ruffle blouse that comes in two colors.

3. This cute striped sleeveless shirt with a bow.

4. This white wrap dress.

5. This perfect summer sundress.

Also, it is Nordstrom's half yearly sale - and I shared my top 10 picks. 

The other day I shared a couple photos from our trip to Toronto, along with some recaps from a few of my friends, Andrea, Deena, and Nicole.

So, today, I thought I would share a few more photos and friends. Also, I have linked back to their blog - and recaps, so you can read even more about the trip.
Me // Katie // Shaunacey // Sarah // Andrea // Alison // Whitney // Deena // Christy // Lana // Nicole

Lana "Banana" - as I now refer to her in my head as that is how she said to remember how to pronounce her name - was someone who shared my interest in fashion and worked as a buyer for my favorite store, Nordstrom.  She is someone you could sit with for hours and talk.

Sarah is just bubbly and fun.  When she talked about her mom - it made me shake my head and say “yes” that sounds like my mom.  She is someone you just want to be friends with - and someone I admire for how she is able to just say and do what she feels.  I still can’t believe she said she identified as more introverted - because from the first time I saw her on Google hang-out - I would have thought the exact opposite.

Alison was my temporary break from insanity "bus seat buddy".  On the way back from Niagara, Andrea and I got stuck in the back of the bus - where my seat literally shook and was so loud I honestly thought the wheels might fall off.  When I could not take it anymore - I went up and sat with her - and enjoyed getting to know her a little better.  One thing that impressed me was in a matter of seconds, she can transform her hair from a messy bun to fabulous long beach waves - with just a flip of her head.

Katie makes me want to be a better person - and strive to be more adventuresome and just happy.  As others said, she is funny and has an infectious laugh, but what really struck me was the way she approaches life with an optimistic and positive attitude.  I really enjoyed talking with her and getting to know her a little more.  I felt like I knew Katie a little before I met her, too - because the past two years she has done these fun birthday posts and she loves cheesy Hallmark movies as much as I do.

Christy is my type of girl who likes pizza and shopping.  She is funny - and I just wish I could have gotten to spend a little more time with her.  Online she came across as someone that I wanted to hang-out with - and meeting in person - just confirmed that.

Shaunacey was sweet and soft spoken, but able to say what was on her mind.  She has an adorable daughter and her stories (and photos) of her daughter’s shenanigans just made me laugh and smile. I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I was happy to know there was someone else in the world that has a not so great “mouth” while driving.

Whitney has a beautiful smile and the perfect beach waves - and is sweet and just someone you want to hang out with.  Her stories about living and traveling through Europe - made me more impressed about her.  She is also a fellow Midwesterner - that hopefully I will get to see again soon!

I have really enjoyed getting to know these women over the past years, and so glad we all come together as a group - and I look forward to what is in the future.

This was my fourth time to Niagara Falls (and third time on the Canadian side), but it was my first time going on the boat ride.  And, I have to say - I highly recommend going on the boat - it is by far the best way to experience the falls.
In case you are wondering, they give you these "fashionable" red ponchos - that do a good job keeping the water/mist off; however, I do not like getting sprayed in the face with water - so I hung out inside and bounced between both sides of the boat to get the best pictures.

Alison // Whitney // Christy // Me // Sarah // Andrea

When I am driving and get held up by a train - I am usually a little annoyed at first - but then as I watch the train cars go by - if they are painted with graffiti, I become a bit mesmerized and forget that I am waiting. I love looking at the artistry of the graffiti.  As I start exploring being a designer, I would love to create a collection based off of graffiti - I think it could have some amazing pieces. So, on our walking tour - we got to see a lot of graffiti walls - and this one fascinated me - the way it almost looked 3D - like the graffiti looked real-life like it was coming out from the building.
We also stopped to take some some group photos thanks to our own personal photographer Nicole. And, this is just one more picture of me in my tuque (and if you are wondering what a tuque is - you can read more about it in this post.)

Lana // Andrea // Shaunacey // Me // Sarah // Whitney // Katie // Christy // Deena // Alison

I already talked about how cold I was and how I bundled up in my warm inter coat and hat.  Well, I also loved shopping at Eaton Place.  Nordstrom was having its big sale, so it was so tempting to want to just shop, shop and shop.

This cute lace Sweater that is 40% off.

This popular suede jacket that is also 40% off - and comes in four colors.

This leather jacket that is under $60.

This cute pink key chain & coin bag.

These open-toe booties that are 40% off.

That's a wrap on our trip - and we must really like hanging out because we are already starting to plan our 2018 trip - which most likely will involve a beach and hopefully a big house with possibly an elevator!

Lastly, The Blended Blog is hosting a link up today - so be sure to link up your favorites.

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  1. I am obsessed with that striped skirt outfit! It looks like you girls had so much fun in Toronto. Great pictures. Have a fabulous weekend!

    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  2. I'm glad we are united in our road-rage lol Also happy I'm not alone in that and I'm pretty sure we can add Nicole to that club too!!!
    I'm also here to confirm to all your readers that you're every bit as stylish in real life as you seem on here - and that's something!!!

  3. Lisa, you really are so wonderful! We must get together sometime this summer with Andrea!

  4. I loved your recap and what you thought about everyone. Now you have me thinking, have I turned my introvert ways into extrovert ways because of blogging? hmmm...???

  5. Yes, yes, pizza and shopping for the win!

  6. I so wish I could have met you IRL! I loved getting to hear your take on everyone!


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