January 8, 2020

Winter Sale: My Top Sale

Fuzzy Bomber Jacket (Only $49 - also in Black) // Straight Ankle Jeans (Only $49)

Suede Scrunchy Boots (70% off) // White Woven Mules (Only $25)

Leopard Jacket (50% off) // Leopard Loafers (Only $35)

Suede Boots (Only $51 - Also in Cognac Brown) // Stackable Ring Set (Only $39)

Button Sweater (30% off) // Skinny Jeans (Only $30)

Black Faux Fur Jacket (30% off) // Suede Ankle Booties (Only $48)

Happy Wednesday!

There are some great winter sales - like my favorite suede ankle booties that are on sale for under $50 - or these scrunchy boots for 70% off.

Yesterday was my first day back to work since December 19th - and I survived!  I truly enjoyed my extended time off from work.  It was so nice to relax and not feel the pressures of work - or the commute!

This brings me to my encouraging thought for today - all about our attitude.  Something I continue to work on is my attitude and outlook on life and different situations.  Our mind and what we think is a powerful thing.  This is a quote from the book - Battlefield of the Mind

For many years I really believed that I was unhappy because of things others were doing or not doing... I finally faced the truth, which was that none of these things had to make me unhappy if I chose to have the right attitude. My thoughts were what was making me miserable. Let me say it one final time: think about what you are thinking about. You may locate some of your problems and be on your way to freedom very quickly.

This cute side button sweater is on sale for $20.

This striped sweater is on sale for 50% off.

This pretty Anthropologie cake stand is on sale for $20.

This Rachel Parcell ruffle blouse is on sale for $20.

This new arrival "heart" sweater is 40% off.

This chunky marled sweater is own sale for 50% off.

These classic gold hoop earrings.

This camel sweater with pearl cuff details is on sale for $21.

I love this plaid jacket that is on sale for $33.

This fuzzy heart pillow is only $20 - and comes in white and blush pink.

This pretty lace blouse is on sale for $30.

In case you missed it, I shared what I am selling on eBay HERE.

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  1. Oooh those red boots and the western flare ones...yes....so cute!

  2. So many great sale picks! I have the cognac version of those black boots and they are fabulous. I'm kind of tempted to get them in black too!! Also love your words of encouragement today - such a good reminder!

  3. Great sale picks and great encouragement! Attitude is everything and it begins with the words we hear and say - I cringe when people say, how did that MAKE you feel? No one MAKES us feel a certain way, it's a CHOICE!
    Have a great day Lisa!

  4. Oh that heart sweater!!! And yes to the way you think. I also had a bunch of time off and it was great!!!

  5. I love your picks dear, especially the red boots!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com


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