January 31, 2020

My Favorite Finds + Leopard Style Inspiration

Happy Friday!

Today, I thought I would share a few things I have learned from online shopping and selling recently.

#1. Abercrombie has the best customer service.  Their chat and phone lines are open at 7am EST in the morning - and you immediately get to speak to someone on the phone (and on the chat).  And, they are located here in the US and operated by people that speak English as their native language. The person I spoke with actually heard my concern, and said that they regularly review input and make changes - and I believe the guy was being honest that they do review customer input.

#2. Avoid PayPal for online shopping.  I ended up with a problem with a return not being credited back to my account.  I went back-and-forth with the merchant and PayPal - and it took a few days to be resolved with a lot of effort on my part. I was never able to speak to anyone on the phone at PayPal - it all had to be handled over chat - and each chat was with a new person - and they could not understand a simple problem.  If I had used my credit card, it would have been one call to Chase and the issue would have been fixed immediately. I am always connected immediately to a customer service person - and they are always amazing!

#3. I successfully sold some items on eBay - not everything - but I am fairly happy with the effort and time, and the payout. Now, I am deciding if I want to list the remaining items on Poshmark.  Any feedback from those that have sold on Poshmark?

This v-neck sweater for only $14.

This dainty necklace that I own in my birthstone - and comes in all birthstones.

This great off this shoulder dress.

This "pink" sweater for only $20 - also in 6 more colors.


These are the cutest sneakers

This tee is a staple brand in my closet and it's 40% off.

This cozy sweatshirt for 40% off.

This pretty smocked satin blouse in two great colors. 

This is one of my favorite jackets - and it's on sale.

I like this zip up sweatshirt that is on sale for $20.

I love the color of this sweatshirt - and it's 40% off.

This cozy (and perfect blush pink) moto jacket is 40% off.

This sweater is a staple of mine this winter.

This blush pink blazer for only $35 (also in more classic colors).

See full post HERE

See full post HERE

I own these leopard booties. They are 50% off - and so comfy - and they get tons of compliments.

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  1. Glad you shared your experience with PayPal - I wondered about that, I usually use my credit card to get rewards but considered using PP. Thanks for sharing your experience! Have a great weekend Lisa!

  2. Just love the leopard coat Inspo. PayPal can be a hassle at times. I hope you have the best weekend.

  3. Oooh thanks for the shopping tips! I do hate that when I can't speak to a real person. The live chat is never as effective. And I haven't sold on Poshmark but I've heard good things other than the fees!

  4. Great information Lisa! Love the leopard bootie with the red sweater!


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