January 20, 2020

Three Ways to Style Leopard Jacket

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Happy Monday!

Do you remember around Thanksgiving when mentioned that I was getting a new computer because my computer was old and not working?  Well, I got a new computer - and this new one has been nothing but trouble since I got it.  I think it actually runs worse than the one I replaced - if that is possible. Yesterday, I spent way too much of my afternoon on the phone with Apple support.  He was the nicest guy - but not how I wanted to spend my day.  Today, my computer is going to the Apple store to be diagnosed - and hopefully fixed!

I shouldn't be surprised there is a problem my computer, because every larger purchase I have made in the last year (all of the new furniture, new carpet, and new window treatments) have come with problems and had to be fixed or replaced.

I really think I am being tested on patience...

This cozy cardigan is an extra 70% off.

This fuzzy leopard sweater is on sale for $20.

I like this "tee shirt" necklace on sale for 60% off.

These fun sneakers are on sale for under $50.

This sweater perfect for late winter/early spring is 40% off.

I love this houndstooth wrap coat that is on sale.

These pink ankle booties are on sale for 60% off.

This sweater dress is 40% off.

These boots are a great deal for 60% off.

This "pretty pink" plaid shirt is only $39.

I love this "ski" sweater.

This is a very flattering sweater dress.

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  1. Leopard perfect! You always know just the right pieces to enhance the main beauty!

  2. It's finally cool enough for me to wear my cropped leopard jacket! I can't wait, it's been so hot here and this week it's finally cooling off.
    What a bummer about your new computer! I hope it gets fixed properly!

  3. Argh, so sorry about your computer struggles!! That's so frustrating. For those of us with limited time to blog on the side it really takes a toll when our technology slows us down. Anyway, loving these darling leopard jacket outfits! The jacket adds so much impact to each look.

  4. These are all so fabulous, especially the last set. Great picks dear!
    Jessica | notjessfashion.com


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