December 18, 2019

Winter Sale 70% off + Free Shipping By Christmas

Stackable Rings (Only $19) // Leopard Loafers (70% off)

Grey Jeans (30% off) // Leopard Jeans (70% off)

Woven Mules (Only $27) // Snake Sandals (Only $30)

Wedge Sandals (Only $25) // Pink Sneakers (Only $42)

I have picked out some great deals.  A lot of these picks are 70% off - and an amazing price!  If you are still looking for some last minute gifts.  All these items above come with free shipping in time for Christmas if you order today!

My encouraging word for today... I think we all have been hurt by someone at some point in our life - that caused us pain.  The decision we have to make is if we hold on to that pain - or if we forgive the person. 

Forgiveness is “the act of setting someone free from an obligation to you that is a result of a wrong done against you.”… Forgiveness, then, involves three elements: injury, a debt resulting from the injury, and a cancellation of the debt.

When individuals refuse to forgive others for a wrong done to them, they are saying the same thing. But instead of holding people hostage until they get their demands, they withhold love, acceptance, respect, service, kindness, patience, or whatever the others value. The message they send is this: “Until I feel you have repaid me for the wrong done to me, you will not have my acceptance.” If we go back to our definition, we can see that the element missing from this scenario is cancellation of the debt. Persons who refuse to forgive refuse to cancel the debt.

This suede faux fur lined moto jacket is on sale for only $24!

This classic camel wool coat is 50% off.

This sweater dress is on sale for $25.

I would like to buy this sweater that is 50% off - but I think I have enough sweaters.

I like this sweater that is 40% off.

This great Christmas party red lip liner is 60% off.

This pretty red blouse - would be perfect for a party!

I bought this cozy sweater for 50% off.

This great for work or the weekend sweater is 40% off.

These popular shearling lined hiking boots are 55% off.

Shop more deals HERE with free shipping by Christmas.

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  1. Great words of encouragement for today - forgiveness is vital to a happy life! So many great sale picks, those pink wedges remind me of the pair I had this year and loved!

  2. Great thoughts on can be SO hard sometimes to let things go! And I'm also at a point of thinking I have just enough sweaters. There are so many cute ones though!!


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