December 23, 2019

Last Minute Deals for Christmas

Sweater (Only $24) (Also in white) // Faux Fur Jacket (Only $40) (Also in burgundy)

Sweater Hoodie (Only $25) (Also in black, navy, and grey)

Christmas is this week!  I want to hold on to the joy of the season - and the anticipation...

Have you finished your shopping?  One of the gifts I bought got lost in the mail- and I just found out this weekend, so I had to re-order it. I hope it gets here in time for Christmas.

As we get ready for Christmas and all the excitement, I am reminded of many people that I know who are hurting this season - and I share this encouragement today...

So be encouraged. There may be many times in your life when the road ahead appears dark or impossible, and you feel absolutely helpless to do anything about it. 

You do everything you can, but it is not enough and you simply do not see how the Lord could possibly provide for you. Maybe you’re experiencing a closed door to a deep desire of your heart…  It could even be that your future lies in the balance… There are no open doors, no possibilities, and you have no idea about how to proceed. You are seeking God’s direction, but He does not seem to answer your cries. So you continue to wait and to pray. 

Friend, if your prayers seem unanswered, your needs unmet, or the road ahead completely blocked, don’t lose hope... As Lamentations 3:25–26 reminds us, “The LORD is good to those who wait for Him, to the person who seeks Him. It is good that he waits silently for the salvation of the LORD.”

From the book Courageous Faith

This sherpa zip up sweatshirt is only $29 (originally $79).

This leopard fleece sweatshirt is 40% off.

This soft v-neck tunic sweater is 50% off.

I love the color of this tunic sweater that is 50% off.

These camo leggings are on sale for $13.

This packable puffer jacket is on sale for $39.

These really cute white fur trimmed snow boots are 40% off.

This color block sweater is 40% off.

This cozy sweater is only $12!

This classic v-neck tee is an extra 40% off.

I love this classic cashmere v-neck that is on sale!

These ankle booties are on sale for 55% off.

This leopard sweater dress is an extra 50% off.

This velvet jacket is an extra 50% off.

These best selling plaid pajamas.


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  1. Always the BEST ideas! Merry Christmas my gorgeous friend.

  2. Loving that faux fur jacket! A friend wore a similar one last weekend on a night out and my wheels have been turning ever since. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Lisa!


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