December 17, 2019

Monochromatic Black Outfit + Gucci Suede Satchel

faux leather leggings, black sweater, Gucci suede satchel, sam edelman hilty suede boots


Happy Tuesday!  Christmas is a week away.

My encouragement for the day from a great book - Be Anxious for Nothing

"I spent many years of my life mentally rehearsing what I was going to say to people. I imagined what they would say to me, then I tried to figure out what I was going to say back to them. In my head I would even practice those imaginary conversations over and over. You may do the same kind of thing, for example, before you go in to ask your boss for a raise or some time off for a special need. If you are filled with anxiety, it may be a sign you think the outcome of that conversation depends upon you and your ability rather than upon the Holy Spirit and His ability.

We need to ask the Lord to give us favor with all those to whom we speak. Then we can be confident that whatever the results of our conversation or confrontation, it is the will of God, and it will work out for the best for all concerned. (Romans 8:28)"

This cozy sweatshirt is 40% off - and comes in a lot of great colors.

I think this is the cutest coffee mug - and it is only $4.

These leopard loafers are 30% off.

This cute red bag is 65% off.

This classic sweater is 40% off.

This wrap dress is on sale for $10!

This espresso maker is 55% off.

These cozy socks are on sale for only $5.


Sweater Dress (Only $16) // Blouse (Only $16)

This cute sweater dress is on sale for $16!  This blouse is also on sale for $16. These are the best blouses - they wash up amazingly - and do not wrinkle!

 Cardigan (Only $13) // Shirt Dress (Only $10)

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  1. Fabulous outfit! I would LOVE to have that Gucci satchel. Your encouraging words are wonderful, thank you.

  2. What a gorgeous ensemble! Anyway, thanks for the deals roundup dear!

    Jessica |


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