March 30, 2020

What I am Wearing, Eating and Watching

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Those jeans are on sale for 30% off.

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Happy Monday!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

What I have been doing while staying in?
A lot of baking, cooking, and cleaning.  I have made biscotti, chocolate lava cakes (twice!), smoothies for a snack, and a lot of great meals - I shared a few here.

What I am watching?
Old episodes of Felicity (which is on Amazon Prime right now), Call the Midwife (which just started a new season last night), and I know, cheesy, but When Calls the Heart.  I also started watching "Making the Cut" - the Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum spin-off on Project Runway.  So far - I am "meh" of my opinion of it.  I hope it gets better.

What I am wearing?
Comfy sweaters (like this one for $20 and this $10 sweater) and my favorite jeans.

This is my $20 sweater.

This cute tee dress for 50% off.

This new sweater that is 60% off - and would look great with jeans or joggers.

This cozy cashmere hoodie is a great deal.

This cardigan for only $8.

This really great henley sweatshirt with striped detail and only $8!

This fun striped sweater is 80% off.

These thermal camo pajamas - for $25.

I like this lace up hoodie for 40% off.

This striped cardigan is 50% off.

This is the cutest dress for spring/summer - and it's 50% off.

I shared more deals HERE and HERE.

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  1. My mom was planning to watch Call the Midwife last night - I should check that out. I'm afraid I am going to run out of good shows before this whole thing is said and done!

  2. The look is comfortable and put together! I need to follow your lead because I've just been in not so fabulous ensembles over the last week. Ugh. Such crazy times right now. Those outfits are so cute too! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. What a beautiful and chic ensemble! Great picks dear!

    Jessica |


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