March 19, 2020

Three Favorite Books To Read for Encouragement

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Happy Thursday!

My encouragement for today...

I am sharing three of my favorite books I have read over these years - that have gotten me through rough times - and encouraged me.  

 Finding God's Blessings in Brokenness: How Pain Reveals His Deepest Love
"You see, what we desire is often what the Lord has purposed and will provide for us. But timing is everything, and key puzzle pieces are falling into place as we wait. God is changing hearts and engineering circumstances we have no idea even exist. Therefore, the delays we face are not a denial of His promises; rather, they are an integral part of His strategy to arrange all the details and get us positioned for His excellent plan."

You can download a sample or buy the book HERE

Waiting on God: Strength for Today and Hope for Tomorrow
"God also has a very specific schedule—one that is often vastly different from what you’d expect. One that may have you wait far beyond what makes you comfortable. One that will most likely make you feel that all earthly hope is gone so that you will rely solely upon Him." 

You can download a sample or buy the book HERE

Courageous Faith
"The point is that sometimes we simply don’t know why certain things happen to us. We are confused and heartbroken, but we have to understand that God is doing something greater—engineering our circumstances in a manner that we do not understand but in a way that will benefit us immensely in the long run."

You can download a sample or buy the book HERE

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  1. These books would make great gifts! I will check them out, I think my sister and mother could benefit from them. Lipgloss that smells like cookies sounds heavenly!

  2. They all sound interesting. I'd love to check these out. Thanks dear!

    Jessica |


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