February 13, 2019

Blush Pink Sweater + White Skinny Jeans Outfit

white skinny jeans, blush pink sweater, kate spade satchel, floral scarf


The blush pink sweater and white skinny jean outfit today was inspired by my post on Friday.  Since our style prompt today on The Blended Blog is today is to re-create a look from someone, and I thought I would use this outfit from one of the first bloggers I followed, Pink Peonies.  Her personal style has two sides - one more edgy and the other more feminine.  Personally, I prefer the edgier-side.  For her more feminine side, she has launched her own design business and has created some beautiful pieces, like this lace blouse or this lace skirt that are both on sale for 70% off.

As far as this look, it is a perfect transitional outfit from winter to spring.  The lightness of the white jeans with the blush and the beige, and that floral scarf (that is only $10) brings it all together.  And, if you are looking for a lighter-weight sweater to go with this look, I found this one that is on sale for $24.

Last thing, be sure to head over The Blended Blog and see what outfits my fellow friends are re-creating.  My good friend, Deena, is re-creating one of my style boards!  And, I love the look she created.  (Be sure to head to her blog to see which look of mine she re-created - and to see the kind things she wrote about me HERE.) Besides great style (and hair), Deena is a supportive friend, and someone I wish was my neighbor - so we could hang out and talk.  She has the best personality - makes me laugh - and shares in my love of old school hip-hop/rap music!

These jeans look very flattering.

This new wrap top that comes in floral, prints, and solid colors.

These camo sneakers (also in leopard print) for only $50.

This pretty blush pink blouse.

This sweater is on sale for $14 (originally $49).

This $25 striped sweater dress.

This new arrival leopard sweater.

These cute gingham pumps are 50% off.

This leopard tote is $8.

This comfy sweater is over 40% off.

I like these jeans.

This "recycled" hoodie sweatshirt.

This is my favorite tee.

I like this pretty white dress for $57.

This new arrival $25 sweater.

This little black dress for $25.

pink peonies, blush sweater, white jeans, prada bag, burberry scarf

Inspired by this look by Pink Peonies

Looking for ideas of what to wear this winter?  Check out my inspiration.
This is my favorite winter outfit.

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  1. Blush and white is all the Spring sweetness! Love it, have a wonderful day!

  2. I just love this neutral look! Blush is so popular right now and it just pops with the white jeans! Enjoy your Wednesday!

  3. I'm wearing blush today so I was immediately drawn to this post. The sweater is so pretty with the white jeans.

  4. Well, now I need a pink sweater like this! Your posts always make me want to shop! Ha! I LOVE that satchel, too! It's been on my wishlist for a bit and hoping to make it happen by Spring!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  5. Aw, you're too sweet and I swear I could just do your outfit recreations and be the happiest fashionista alive.

  6. This whole outfit needs to find its way into my closet, but slip in under my Prince Charming's watchful eye. He says I have too many clothes. Have you ever heard of such a thing? I didn't know that was possible. And besides, I just purged a whole laundry basket full this week. I love turtlenecks...I think partially because I can tuck all of my double and triple chins beneath them! This one looks so cuddly and warm and that color is divine. Have pinned it and the scarf. Wish pinning things would make them yours! And your inspiration from Pink Peonies is lovely, too!! Hope you are well, friend. Have you opened your clothing line yet?

    1. It's so go to hear from you! I know - my husband says the same things. I do not believe we can have too many clothes.

  7. Love this whole outfit - now I need to recreate your recreate!

  8. I love blush and white together. I'd LOVE that KS satchel too - sooo pretty!

  9. I love that look! So pretty and I am going to get that scarf! Just so soft and feminine!
    jess xx


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