February 26, 2019

Denim Jacket + Leopard Shoes for Spring

Outfit details HERE

I hope you had a great Monday!

I have to say that black jeans are my staple jeans.  I wear my favorite pair of black jeans weekly - and most weeks I wear them a couple of times.  I also typically pair my black jeans with a white sweater or tee - just like the look above.

Anyone else have a "go to" look they wear over and over?

Right now,  I am trying to find a few more winter/spring sweaters to get me through the last few months of "winter" since it will not be warm until probably June.  I am getting so bored with my sweater options lately.  I have worn my favorite sweater so many times - I do not want to wear it anymore.

I bought a few sweaters lately - this striped one, this lilac one, this pink one - but they were all too big. I might re-order smaller sizes because I am still hoping to find some new favorites - for a great price.

This striped hoodie dress for 40% off.

These crop flare leopard jeans.

This puffer vest for an extra 40% off.

This quilted bag for only $19.

These great work pants for $40 off.

This gingham dress for spring/summer for 50% off.

This pink suede clutch.

This sweater on sale for $26.

This pink plaid scarf for an extra 40% off.

This "plum" sweater for an extra 40% off.

This cute tweed skirt for $30 off.

This "sunny" sweater for spring - that is on sale.

This "cozy" lilac sweater.

This white henley for under $30.

This $20 sweater.

This floral dress for only $30 is very popular.

This chevron hoodie sweatshirt - very popular trend!

I shared a lot more sale items HERE.

Looking for ideas of what to wear this spring/summer?  Check out my inspiration.
This is a top pinned outfit.

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  1. I haven't yet worn my leopard booties this way and I can't imagine why - it looks so good and it's such a fun yet classic look!

  2. I love this effortless look! Thank you for the inspiration!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  3. Black jeans are my favorite too! I have a few pairs because I end up wanting to wear them several days per week. I also want a lilac top (not sure whether to get a sweater or lighter weight top...or both!) for Spring. Still on the hunt for the right one!
    Gina || On the Daily Express


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