December 10, 2017

Winter Plaid + Top Picks

winter plaid outfits

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! I wish it could be a little longer.  I am enjoying the snow - and all cozy in my warm sweaters.

These plum colored jeans are on sale for $8!!!

This cozy winter white fleece sweatshirt is only $25.

These leopard booties are 40% off.

This is the cutest set of 12 socks - for only $15.

I bought this $25 sweater - and I love it!

This red dress is on sale for $15.

This plaid scarf is under $20.

These leopard booties - in a grey color are 25% off.

This has become my favorite lipstick and these gift sets are the perfect size and price.

This popular balloon sleeve sweater is 40% off.

This fun buffalo plaid tote is 40% off.

I love this textured blouse that is 40% off.

Cutest initial necklace - reminds me of the Valentine Hearts candy.

Just in case you missed it - I shared more deals and finds HERE.

Lastly,  I have to share a video of this "Silent Night" basketball tradition (at my college alma mater) - where students dress-up in costumes and stay "silent" until the team scores the 10th point. It has grown into this own mega-production that is now highlighted on ESPN and CBS Sports.  It definitely was not this crazy when I went their.

A commentary's take on the event -- "Take 2,000 frenzied college students and deck them out in costumes Halloween couldn’t handle. Load them up with the energy and enthusiasm of a 4-year-old bingeing on M&Ms. Cram them like sardines into a tiny basketball gymnasium and keep them church-quiet for a set yet simultaneously undetermined amount of time. Watch pandemonium ensue. Conclude with a Christmas carol and a festive party."

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  1. Love the video! What energy and excitement those young people have.

    I always look at many of the links your provide, but am generally more interested in the items being worn in the top photos. Do you ever do links to those items?

  2. So much fun. I love the traditional version of Silent Night but Taylor University has taken it to a whole new level.

    Great outfits in the first graphic. Love the bright colors.

  3. These are such great deals! They would totally make good last minute Christmas gifts! I will definitely be adding them to my holiday shopping list. Thank you!

    ~xo Sheree


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