December 5, 2017

Sweaters Under $25 + Big Decision

booties under $80


1. Jacquard Print Sweater // 2. Skinny Jeans // 3. Red Lip Set (On Sale)
4. Pearl Ring (Only $44) // 5. Lance Block Heel Booties

This week seems like a bit of a sale down-time - but I did find 10 different sweaters below that are all under $25.

This belted cardigan is a new arrival and $25.

 This leopard sweater is under $20 - and comes in three colors.

This striped boyfriend sweater is on sale for under $25.

This striped sweater is only $13.

This pretty blush pink sweater is an additional 40% off.

This sweater with a fun zipper detail in the back is under $20 - and comes in three colors.

I love this chunky knit sweater that is only $25.

This striped v-neck sweater is under $20.

This mustard cardigan (that also comes another colors) is $25 with additional money off.

This textured knit sweater is on sale for $13.

I have been growing out my hair for four years, but I am getting ready for a change. I got a somewhat bad cut a few months ago, and I have been trying to recover from it - so, I am trying to decide if I should get it cut shorter and just change things-up.  Here are some ideas of what I might want...  I have bangs that I would either like to grow out (like the two pictures on the outside) or keep like the one in the middle.  I am just not sure how short I want to cut it - and if I want more of a shaggy bob cut. What do you think? 
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  1. That camo print sweater is so cool. I love all three of those hair styles. I would go for the shoulder grazing bob first. If you like it you can always go shorter or add bangs. I have bangs and I love them, but only in the fall and winter. I start growing them out in the spring because they drive me crazy in the summer. I can't wait to see what you go with.
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  2. Because bangs are so flattering on you, I think you could pull off any of those looks! But between the 3, Mena's style is my fav and you could totally rock that.

  3. I LOVE that middle style and could never wear it since my hair doesn't straighten very easily. I would love to see it on you!

  4. These are good picks. I also think you should do the shaggy bob. It is such a stylish cut.

  5. What a fabulous sweater!!

  6. Go for the middle one- I love those bangs!

  7. The middle pic!!!!

  8. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. Yes, hair cuts are a big decision. I just hate when people say it's just hair. It grows back. When one makes a wrong decision one feels awful until the length is back.


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