December 4, 2017

Christmas Traditions + More About Me

Plaid Shirt // Sweater

Today, I am joining my friends at The Blended Blog to share some of my Christmas traditions. Hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about me. 

1. Real or Fake Tree?
Growing up, we always had a real tree.  My dad and I would go to the greenhouse to pick it out, and then, my mom and I would decorate it.  Since I have been married, we have had a fake tree. Although a couple of years ago, we went to a tree farm to cut one down.  It was fun to have a real tree again; however, we ended up having a lot of trouble with mold spores - I never knew this was a problem, but I guess it is.  My husband had a hard time breathing with the tree, and I ended up sick and at urgent care on Christmas Eve.  Needless to say, we ended up taking the tree down before Christmas - just so we could breathe better!

2. Favorite Christmas Cookie?
When I was little one of my favorite memories was decorating Christmas cookies with my mom. We would put on the Christmas music and spend the day baking - a memory I was always treasure. Today, my husband's favorite cookies are my lemon rosemary Christmas tree cookies - I shared the recipe here.

3. Home on Christmas Morning or Travel?
We used to travel, but the last few years we have been home, which I really enjoy.  I love hosting Christmas Day at our house.

4. Colored lights or clear?
Clear; however, we just got this new tree this year that can do all different colors, including clear.

5. Send Christmas cards? 
I love picking out Christmas cards - and making them special.  I am sad to see that less and less people are sending cards. I always enjoyed cards, and I wish people would keep sending them.

Throwback to a Christmas card when I was very young (and with my favorite cat).

6. Favorite Christmas present received? 
 Growing up I ice skated, and there were these really expensive skirts, leggings and jackets that girls wore - and one year I got one of the jackets - and I was so excited.

7. Favorite Christmas present given?
 I love buying presents - and one of my favorites would be my funny gift I bought.  It was the hit of the party.  If you love funny gifts - you might want to check out my list here

8. Stockings or no Stockings?
Growing up I always had a stocking, but since getting married my husband and I have not had stockings.

9. Christmas PJ's?
No - never a tradition for my family.

10. Favorite Christmas Carol?
Silent Night. The Christmas Eve service at our church is probably my favorite traditions.  At the end of the service, they dim the lights and everyone lights their candles - as we sing Silent Night.   Seeing the church lit up with probably over 400 candles in the dark is so moving - and truly a reflection on the true meaning of Christmas.  Christmas is not complete without going to church. I have only missed the service two times in my entire life - once when my husband was in the emergency room, and the other when I was sick.

11. Early Shopper or Last Minute?
Both. My mom loves to tell the story of when I was in high school, and needed to get a last minute gift on Christmas Eve. The mall was closing and I still had not finished - and the mall announcer kept saying - the mall is closing in 5 minutes as I was still scrambling.  Now with all the great Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals - I am typically done before December.

12. Favorite Holiday Tradition? 
 See #2 and 10 above.

 13. Favorite Christmas Movie or Show?
I shared some of my favorite Christmas movies here.  I typically love Hallmark movies - but they have been a little cheesy and a bit of a disappoint so far this year.

14. Cookies & Milk for Santa?
I think I might have done this as a child.

15. Favorite Holiday Beverage?
Noting in particular.  I am pretty much a Diet Coke and water person - and that is pretty much what I drink for Christmas, too.

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  1. Stopping by from the linkup-- stockings were one of my favorite things when I was growing up, but also something I haven't started since being married. I just went to check out your Christmas movies list and Snow Bride is definitely my favorite Hallmark movie- SO cute!

  2. I'm the same with Cmas Eve mass- it's an absolute must. Growing up we went at midnight but we haven't done that yet with the kids. I think we probably could this year but definitely next if not! Loved reading these about you!

  3. The singing of Silent Night at your church sounds absolutely moving! And I cracked up that Diet Coke is your favorite Christmas drink :)

  4. You were adorable with your little cat. I have the same memories of Church on Christmas Eve. The mold spore story makes me rethink wanting a real tree next year.


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