April 17, 2013

Finds: Body Con Dresses

1. Topshop Back Cut Out Body-Con Dress sold @ Nordstrom
2. Topshop Tie Dyed Aztec Print Body-Con Dress sold @ Nordstrom
3. Gold Aztec Bodycon Dress sold @ Dorothy Perkins
4. Topshop Liquid Print Body-Con Dress sold @ Nordstrom
5. Topshop Geo Spot Print Body-Con Dress sold @ Nordstrom

If you are looking for a fun, graphic print dress, I think these body con (body conscious) dresses are pretty cool! I might be a little "conscious" to wear one of these, but with the right print and Spanx it will create a slimming effect. Until recently, I thought Spanx were just really expensive nylons, but since I tried them, I have changed my mind.  They are so much better than nylons.  They last, and they really do the trick!

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