January 4, 2013

Deal alert: Tweed Shift Dress

Deal alert: Loft is offering an additional 50% off all sale items! One item in particular that I thought I would share is this tweed shift dress. It comes in Autumn tween (red) and black. I can't decide which color - I like them both! One sale it is $35 - which is too hard to pass-up.

Loft pairs it with hot pink booties, which might be a little much for work, but fun for a night out! For work, I think I might pair it with the following:

#1: Tights
I love my Spanx tights. I have these reversible tights, which are black on one side and charcoal on the other - perfect because I get two colors out of one pair of tights. Also, I bought them during one of Ann Taylor's 40% off sales, so they were a great price. One of the top reasons I like them is because I am notorious for running tights. I usually get one wear out of them, but these tights are durable and run-resistant! I highly recommend them, and you can't beat a little control, too!

#2: Necklace
To accessorize, I might add a long tassel necklace, like this one.

#3: Turtleneck
On top, I might try a turtleneck. I like the way this looks, especially for winter to stay warm.

Other than a turtleneck, I might pair it with a blazer. For a more casual Friday, I might add a leather moto jacket and for the weekend, possible a denim jacket.

#4: Shoes
For shoes, I might wear black pointy pumps or black booties, or even my tall boots -- depending on the day and weather.

Hope you had a great start to the New Year! Have a great weekend!

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  1. I love this dress and the way you styled it!! Great price!!


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