January 30, 2013

Find: Betsey Johnson Pumps


I love Betsey Johnson's fun, quirky style... I found these pumps and thought I had to style an outfit around them. Since the pumps have so much color (pink & yellow), I opted for a neutral black top and added a little pop of color with the fun, circular clutch. Also, I thought this was a cool bib necklace.

1. Luxlight Crew Pullover sold @ Gap (35% off - Code: Gap35)
2. Lucky Brand Pavé Bib Necklace sold @ Piperlime ($49)
3. Betsey Johnson Trimm sold @ 6PM
4. Poverty Flats by Rian Disc Clutch sold @ Nordstrom ($38)


  1. I love Betsey Johnson!! Her personality is fun, and that shines through in her clothes! Those shoes are amazing.


  2. Those shoes are fabulous. Love the purse and necklace with it as well

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Olivia! Betsey Johnson is great - she always has the best shoes, which I love.


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