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January 20, 2018

Top Weekend Sales + Loft Try On Session

best weekend sales
Happy Saturday!


This fun sweater with a cute tie sleeve in a pretty purple is only $35.

This $25 blouse makes me think of spring and vacation - and spring can come in day, please!

This very popular waffle knit sweater is 40% off!

I love this classic $20 pink sweater - perfect for February.

This pretty in pink cozy sweater is 50% off.

This cozy cardigan is 50% off and comes in three great colors. 

This $25 sweater is on trend as the color of the year.

This is a fun rolled neck sweater - in two great colors.

These two-in-one suede loafers/slides are back in some great colors for spring.

LOFT is having a HUGE 50% off sale - everything in the store!  I went and tried on many, many new arrivals - and here are just a few. I love these floral prints. That red floral blouse - you might not like it online or on the hanger - but on and knotted - makes it a really cute blouse, I think.

I will be back tomorrow with more from my try on session - be sure to check back!

And, if you like my lipstick color it is Dangerously Red by MAC.  I got it in the mini lipstick set - that right now is 25% off.
try on session LOFT top blogger

Poppy Bloom Shirred Keyhole Blouse (50% Off)

I really like this blouse - and floral is not something I tend to buy.  If I did buy it though, I would probably wear it tucked in with a belt.

try on session loft top blogger

loft try on session top blogger
 Poppy Bloom Wide Cuff Utility Blouse (50% Off) 

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January 19, 2018

Most Popular Items + LOFT 50% Off Sale Picks

loft big sale deals

Happy Friday!

Stripes are going to be a big trend - I found this cute striped sweater that is 50% off right now, and this fun grey and white striped one.

This fleece moto jacket - that I ordered.

This $8 striped dress - that is still available in almost every size still!

This cute floral dress that is only $25.

One of my favorite cardigans in a new spring color and 50% off.

This hooded sweater that makes me think of spring.

I love long cardigans and I especially like this one!

This popular fuzzy fleece vest comes in this new “rosewater” color.

One of my favorite ways to stay warm is layering a vest over a jacket - and that fleece above would look great layered over this jacket (that is on sale for 25% off).

Leopard and yellow are two of my favorites and this sweatshirt is the perfect mix.

This sweatshirt looks comfy and fun!

This $20 dress would look cute styled with a belt and booties.

This striped and floral blouse is on sale for $30.

This pretty lace top with bell sleeves.

This pretty boucle skirt with front pockets.

This floral blouse is a top pick of mine.

The perfect cuffed work pant in a bold red.

Just in case you missed it - I shared a really cute workout look yesterday.

And, my end of season deals - like $25 sweaters here.

You may have read last week in my Friday Loves - but Lemon Blonde (the one in the middle) has become a new favorite of mine to follow for style inspiration.

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January 18, 2018

Will Workout for Pizza + Cute Activewear Outfit


One of my goals this year is to start working-out.  I love pizza and I do love this tee.  And, how about the metallic tote?

This cute “darling pink” knit beanie is on sale for $13.

This initial bracelet set is only $7 on sale.

This cute “dotted” two-in-one sweater is 50% off.

This striped boyfriend cardigan.

They brought back my “Gucci-like” belt that is only $7.

These new arrival sneakers.

They added a striped version of one of my favorite $18 sweaters.

This new arrival striped jersey dress is $20!

If you are headed somewhere warm, this $13 striped sarong would make the cutest cover-up.

This cute ruffle swimsuit is 50% off.

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January 16, 2018

Striped Sweater Look for Spring

spring trends 2018

It's Tuesday, which means everything is moved out of half my house - and tomorrow, my husband and I will be moving to a hotel for the next few days while they work on our house. (And, it also means I survived the weekend of moving - ha!) So, if I am a little MIA that is why.

I love this spring-like outfit. One of my favorite trends used to be layering a collared shirt under a sweater.  I have gotten away from wearing my shirts/sweaters this way - but I love how this look came together with the crisp white shirt layered over the striped sweater.  And, those purple pumps!  I am not sure how much I would wear them - but I love that lilac color. 

4. Jeans // 5. Cross body Bag // 6. Purple Pumps


January 14, 2018

More Top Spring Finds + Winter Deals

Happy Sunday!

With all the cold weather, layering is a trendy way to look stylish and stay warm.
I found an $18 grey scarf, this grey coat that is under $70, an $18 denim jacket, and a $6 black knit beanie - if you want to try to re-create a similar look above


January 13, 2018

My Top 10 Finds + Deals

street style trends 2018

Happy Saturday!  I hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far.

Thanks for your feedback yesterday on which item to buy - I decided on this.

This is the cutest "beachy" hooded sweater that comes in yellow, as well as two other great colors.

This fun striped peplum tee is on sale for $20.

They brought back this popular cardigan in a fun denim color and it's 40% off.

This striped sweater with fun stitching details is 40% off.

This open knit sweater would be perfect for transitioning to spring.

These cozy leggings are on sale for $20.

I love this fun sweater with the quilted sleeves and knit bodice.

This soft vintage tee is on sale for $15.

This bold striped blazer is on sale for $35.  Would look fun styled with skinny jeans and pumps.

This v-neck sweater that comes in six colors is on sale for $13.

Colorful stripes are going to be a big trend this sprint - just found this $20 striped sweater.

Just in case you missed it - I shared my most favorite 2017 purchases and most popular items HERE.

Just in case you missed it - yesterday I shared how to style an $8 striped dress.

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January 12, 2018

My Favorite Purchases + Most Popular Items

leopard jacket top blogger
 Happy Friday!

 I have a question for you.  I have $40 in my budget to spend - and I can't decide between this jacket or these boots. Which would you choose?

This cozy fleece jacket that is under $60.

My favorite layering tee I bought during the #NSALE.

This plush chenille v-neck sweater.

This $20 crewneck sweater in a classic color.

These wedge booties.  They are so comfy. (See me wearing them HERE.)

This $20 cable knit sweater. (See me wearing it HERE.)

This $25 puffer vest with a faux fur trimmed hood.  (See me wearing it HERE.)

My “popcorn-like” cozy winter white sweater. (See me wearing it HERE.)

My fuzzy cardigan/jacket - that is so warm and soft! (See me wearing it HERE.) (Also available in a pretty rose color here and here.)

I am sharing more top picks HERE.

Today, on The Blended Blog I am sharing my top picks for style inspiration.  And, how I plan to re-create some of the looks with items in my closet.

Just in case you missed it - yesterday I shared how to style an $8 striped dress.

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January 11, 2018

How to Style $8 Striped Dress

Happy Thursday!

This has been a quick week; although, I am not sure if I am ready for the weekend or not.  As I mentioned earlier, we are having our hardwood floors re-finished, and we have to move everything out of the rooms.  And, currently, they were predicting over a foot of snow where I live with up to 50 mph winds - a blizzard!   Although, by the time the weekend comes - it will probably be down to less than an inch with no wind - that's how it goes around here.

What do you think of this look - that striped dress is ONLY $8!  Also, both the cardigan and denim jacket are on sale for $20, and the suede bag is $35.


1. I love the texture on this long blush cardigan that is under $50.

2. I love this soft lilac sweater that is on sale for $18. (Comes in other colors, too.)

3. This $18 suede bag reminds me of the expensive Chloe ones.

4. This sweater is on sale for under $20.

5. I love this floral wrap dress - and it is a great price.

6. This tiered ruffle-like blouse is so pretty.

7. This pretty floral blouse is 40% off.

8. This MAC "glow kit" that makes you look more radiant is 40% off.

9. This eye shadow kit with 31 colors is 50% off.

10. This is the cutest leopard make up bag and it is only $6!

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January 10, 2018

Try On Session + Best Winter Sales

try on session gap

 As promised, here is a try on session with some great sale items, and new arrivals.  

January 9, 2018

Fleece Jacket + Sorel Boots

striped shirt skinny jeans sorel boots

I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit more about me yesterday. If you missed the post - you can read it HERE.  Also, thank you for your feedback about my blog.  As soon as we are out of the single digits, I will try to get outside and get some outfit photos; however, tomorrow be sure to check back to see my try-on session with a lot of winter sale items!

This look is something I would wear and have been wearing this cold winter.  The fleece jacket is a great deal - under $60 and the striped turtleneck is only $18!

January 8, 2018

A New Year Q&A + More About Me

winter fashion style outfit
 Today I am joining my friends at The Blended Blog to share about our thoughts for the new year.  Hope you enjoy reading more about me. 

January 7, 2018

Best Winter Sales & Plaid Outfit Ideas

plaid outfit ideas top bloggers

Happy Sunday! Hope you are having a great weekend!

I have found some great deals.  And, I just picked up this yellow moto jacket for only $32 - and I am pretty excited about it.  It also comes in black. 


January 6, 2018

Best Winter Sales & Winter White Outfit Ideas

fur winter white outift

Happy Saturday!

 I hope you are staying warm and having a great weekend so far.  

January 5, 2018

Crazy Weather, Most Popular Items + New Arrivals

most popular items to buy
 Happy Friday!

What is up with this weather?!?  It is freezing - and as many of you know or are experiencing the effects of the “bomb cyclone”.  I must have been so engrossed in my working on my goals this week that I actually missed all the hype about this phenomenon.  Or, maybe I was doing too much after Christmas shopping still.  Honestly - the truth is that if I don’t catch the news on the radio on my drive to work between channel surfing my old school hip hops, I kind of live in the dark as to what is happening in the world.  Anyone else like that?

With as cold as it has been, I have actually been a little more excited to see the new spring-like arrivals in the stores, which I am sharing below.

But, first, before all the new arrivals, I thought I would share the most popular items of 2017 - that you are still available today.

MOST POPULAR ITEMS OF 2017 (that are still available in 2018)

January 4, 2018

Ways to Save 2018 Winter Trends + Blog Thoughts

shopbop trends
mustard color sweater
I am a couple days into putting my 2018 goals into action - and I am really trying to be good and not spend too much time on social media and reading blogs - which in case you missed it you can read about hereI'll be honest - it is tough to limit the time!

Another one of my goals is to find ways to really hone what makes my blog "special" and to really define "what my niche is".  I feel like I have been unfocused somewhat, and I want to refine what my blog is - and put together content that you guys benefit from.  I am trying to decide if I want to start taking more outfit photos again, continue with the dressing room selfies/try on sessions - and also keep putting together more capsule collections. And, also should I share more about my personal journey.  What are your thoughts?


January 3, 2018

How to Wear Leopard and Pink + Setting 2018 Goals

top blogger fashion outfit

 Okay, as I work through forcing myself to stay focused and write my goals for 2018, I thought I would bring back a popular look from last year - how to wear leopard with pink. I used the same inspiration image - but updated the outfit with new pieces. You can see last year’s HERE.

This bold pink styled with leopard may not be for everyone - but I really like it. And, I have actually worn - as seen HERE.  Now, I will have to admit I have not tried red and pink together with leopard - but I do own a pair of red jeans - as seen HERE - so I could. Maybe I should add this as one of my goals - try bold color mixing…


So, talking about 2018 goals, I have made it my “overall goal” for 2018 to get serious about writing down what I want to accomplish this coming year. In my 9-5 job, I plan and schedule multi-million dollar projects - and look strategically at what needs to get done; however, in my own life, I don’t do that! Why? Probably because it is easier to plan for something else - rather than myself.

So, I am getting down to business, and spending this first week of January getting myself pulled together, and listing out every aspect of my life - both personally and professionally, and then, putting action items with each of them.

As far as my action items, I am making them attainable - nothing too grand - something as simple as spend 1/2 hour each day on social media and blogs ONLY. This is going to be difficult - but it has become a “time drain” - and too much of my time is spent on looking at other’s blog, rather than focusing on my own life. Also, I am balancing my enjoyment of looking at blogs, with bettering myself, so my other action is that I will spend 1/2 hour each day reading a “self-help” book. I am currently reading this book - and my goal is to finish it in January. And, each month I will pick a new book to read. I also want to read a professional business-type book, as well. I am trying to decide which one to start with - I really enjoyed this one a few years ago.

This cute tote is only $65.

These new sneakers in a fun color.

This cardigan is a great layering piece this winter - and could be worn this spring, too.

This suede tote would be a perfect carry-all.

This washed velour sweatshirt looks cozy.

I really like these red booties.

This pink hoodie looks pretty comfy.

A great “back to work” blouse - in the perfect color.

This velvet blazer is on sale!

If you live somewhere warm or headed where it’s warm - this would be a great dress.

I also like this pink hoodie.

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January 2, 2018

How to Style $25 Floral Dress

Happy 2018!

This dress is ONLY $25 and could be styled so many different ways - either with tights and booties or with over the knee boots - or it could even be worn over leggings with flats.  It also comes in other prints and colors - all $25.

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