January 4, 2018

Ways to Save 2018 Winter Trends + Blog Thoughts

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mustard color sweater
I am a couple days into putting my 2018 goals into action - and I am really trying to be good and not spend too much time on social media and reading blogs - which in case you missed it you can read about hereI'll be honest - it is tough to limit the time!

Another one of my goals is to find ways to really hone what makes my blog "special" and to really define "what my niche is".  I feel like I have been unfocused somewhat, and I want to refine what my blog is - and put together content that you guys benefit from.  I am trying to decide if I want to start taking more outfit photos again, continue with the dressing room selfies/try on sessions - and also keep putting together more capsule collections. And, also should I share more about my personal journey.  What are your thoughts?

I am a little on the fence about a distressed denim jacket - but I love the fur lining and collar.  I also like the sherpa lined denim jackets, too  I love the look of a denim jacket, but when I wear it - it is sometimes not warm enough - so maybe the lining would help.

Also, I am really liking the lug sole/hiker boot trend.  I also love the "grunge-inspired" lug sole boots.  I have worn these boots I bought a couple weeks ago, so much already, and I get compliments when I wear them.  I am so glad I bought them during the after Christmas sale.

This v-neck tee is 40% off and under $15. 

This plaid scarf with a pop of yellow is only $13.

This set of cozy socks are 40% off. 

This staple v-neck sweater is on sale for $23.

This comfy sweatshirt with pearl accents is only $23.

I cannot believe this sweater that comes in 5 colors - including a pretty blush pink is only $13.

This sweater is only $20 - and comes in this bright pop of blue (and other colors, too).

This cardigan is only $25 - and comes in olive green and other colors.

This striped tee is on sale for $10!

This knit beanie cap in fun colors is on sale for $10.

This comfy long sleeve tee is on sale for $12 - and comes in great colors.

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  1. Yes to showing yourself in more outfits and more personal stuff. :) But I am just nosy like that. hehe.

  2. I love your picks. The yellow sweater looks so cute!

  3. I love the save options! Such great finds!

    Whitney & Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  4. I am hoping to start on my 2018 goals on Monday! I need to think about some blog goals as well. I would love to see a mixture on your blog of all of the ideas you mentioned, especially more outfit photos and try on sessions!


  5. I always like your dressing room try-on sessions! And I would love to hear more about your journey :)

  6. I love the boots and mustard sweaters. I have some boots similar to those you've featured and I'm waiting on a sales order including a sparkly mustard/gold sweater. I like to read more personal posts from bloggers, it's nice to get to know people better :-)

    Emma xxx


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