April 9, 2020

Five Amazon + Walmart Purchases During Quarantine

walmart amazon quarantine purchases

Happy Thursday!

If you are like me, you have made a lot of purchases at Amazon and Walmart during your "Stay at Home" quarantine.

Amazingly, most of the regular things I buy have been in stock.  There are still some items that I wonder if they will ever be available again.  I am sure one day they will, but for now, I am using alternatives.

With Easter this week, I thought I would share my favorite flower - tulips - and this pretty spring picture - for encouragement and hope.  And, if you are struggling with fear or doubt - I encourage you to read this devotional HERE.

If you are looking for some great spring deals - I shared a bunch of items that are currently on sale for over 70% off HERE.

I bought this soapless cleanser - for sensitive skin.

This hand soap - that smells amazing!

These are my favorite dried fruits for salads.  And, I also buy these and mix them.

My husband bought this to get rid of the moss that likes to grow on our roof.

I bought these so I can continue to keep a clean house.

And, I am still waiting (and wondering) if this will ever be back in stock.

I bought one of my favorite shampoos and conditioners - for a great price!

This heat protectant for my hair that smells wonderful.

This is a favorite hand lotion - that works great.

My favorite breakfast meal.

And, I bought these because I use them for my make up and they were a great price.

tiered ruffle midi skirt, charm bracelet

Tiered Midi Skirt // Charm Bracelet (My Favorite Brand)

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  1. I need a new hand lotion, I will try this one! All the handwashing has my hands drier than usual!


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