August 16, 2019

Five Fall Trends To Try + Most Popular Fall Pinterest Pin

Hope you have had a great week!

This week we made our first pesto.  It is crazy that the summer is starting to wind down, and our basil finally grew enough to make pesto.  I am sharing the recipe along with five of my favorite summer recipes below.

I am also sharing the most popular items of the week and my daily finds and deals.

I also spent some time this week looking into fall trends.  One thing I researched was jean trends.  One source said skinny jeans are out, another source said skinny jeans are classic and will always be on trend, and another source said skinny jeans are back in style (wait, when did they go out of style for long enough to now be "back in style").  All I know is I love all the new jean trends - straight, cuffed, crop flare, girlfriend, mom, 90s style, Levi's - but skinny jeans will always be a favorite of mine.  So, with all my research, I am sharing five fall trends to try this fall.

Lastly, I am sharing the most popular pin I have had on Pinterest this week.  Fall is in the air... and I am getting ready for fall clothes.  I still love the warm weather and being outside - but I look forward to the changing leaves and sweaters.  And, that reminds - what about over the knee boots - are they still going to be in style this fall.  I've read they are being replaced by knee high and slouchy boots.  But, I love my OTK boots - and don't want that style to go away - just yet.

My mom's favorite summer top - on sale for $20.

This striped blazer on sale for only $30 (originally $120).

These ankle booties - that I want to buy for fall!

This leopard sweatshirt was very popular.

This sweater that is only $20 - and comes in great fall colors.

These snakeskin booties - people notice these boots!

 These updated jeans for fall.

This retro floral blouse would look perfect for fall with a belt and flare jeans or styled with crop flares and ankle booties.
(Or you could try these floral brocade mules.)

Plaid is trending - and this plaid cardigan looks both cozy and stylish.
(Or you could opt for a plaid blazer)

This skirt checks off two trends - pleated and animal print (and it is under $50)!

And, one extra, lace up boots (or booties) are still a big trend.
(I want to buy these Victorian-inspired ones or these knee high ones.)

This leopard sweatshirt is only $13 - and I love the colors!

I really like these suede boots for fall - and they would be perfect with crop flare jeans.

I just bought this leopard wristlet clutch for 50% off - and only $40.

These sneakers are only $60 - and I like the color.

This cozy sweatshirt - that comes in camo and leopard print.


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Looking for some fall style inspiration.  This cardigan, leopard mules and striped shirt look has been a fan favorite this week.  This pin has been getting pinned.  Pin it HERE.


A few years ago, I shared five of my favorite recipes a few years ago. 

Five recipes are:
My favorite are a 15 minute molten lava cake
A delicious (and easy) watermelon salad
A summer favorite - pesto
A party favorite - my corn and bean salsa salad
A long time favorite of mine - a blueberry salad with spiced walnuts

See all my favorite recipes HERE.

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  1. I love pesto! I've never made my own, I always buy a jar, homemade is always better though!I wish fall was in the air here but not yet. We are still being issued heat advisories with feels like temps in the 100's. Oh well, a girl can dream!

  2. I read an article last year claiming that OTK boots were heading out and slouchy boots were in, but I don't think it quite panned out that way. I think OTK boots are going to stick around for awhile, at least in blogger/Insta land! They just add a fun dose of sexiness to a look (even an all-covered-up fall/winter outfit) that other shoes can't!

  3. I really want to add the snakeskin print into my wardrobe this year.

  4. I didn't realize skinny jeans ever went out either! I think they're a classic. I really want a pair of crop flares for fall. Your blueberry salad looks so good! I just pinned your salad post!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  5. I have not made pesto in a long while! I have a strawberry spinach salad that I really enjoy but I may have to try your salad too!

  6. Ooh the snakeskin booties are fun! I am loving that leopard sweatshirt too.


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