April 22, 2019

Two Ways to Style White Jeans for Spring

I hope you had a great weekend - and wonderful Easter.

Our temps are supposed to be in the 70s today - so it is time to start thinking of different ways to wear white jeans this spring.  If you are looking for a cognac/brown crossbody bucket bag like the one above - I found this one for only $35.

On another note, have you ever gotten a bad haircut?  I have not gotten my hair cut in over a year because I got a really bad one last year - and I felt miserable about myself.  My bangs were so short and the rest was wonky and not matched - it was a mess!  Needless to say, I have been scared to get my hair cut again; however, it was time for a trim, so I went to someone that had been recommended.   I loved her cut  (and she said her whole family went to this stylist), so I thought it would be a great experience.  My hair had grown out over this past year to probably the longest it had ever been.  Since it was so long - there were endless possibilities with a new cut.  I wanted my hair to look like thisI shared the picture with the stylist - and we discussed the overall length and shape of the bangs.  Long story short - it turned out nothing like it.  Instead of taking only 2 inches off my hair - she took off more than 6 inches.  My hair is more like shoulder length 80s bowl/shag cut.  I am so sick.  It is only hair - and it will grow back in about a year - but I cannot believe it!  Two bad cuts in a row.  I am headed to my stylist that does my color - and hopefully she can fix it up for me.  She came to the rescue before!  So, here's to another year of growing out my hair...



I love these popular slides with a chunky heel.

I want to buy these booties.

This comfy and casual floral dress on sale for $35.

This floral cami on sale for $20.

This mini polka dot shirt dress for $35.

This pink zip up hoodie for under $20.

I just stocked up on two new lipsticks. I love these mini ones.

This striped wrap dress with ruffles.

Has anyone tried this shampoo?  It says it is great for strengthening hair - and making it grow.

These leopard skinny jeans for $30.

This cute tweed skirt for 40% off.

This pink scarf is on sale for $10.

This hoodie sweater - on sale.

I love this pinstriped blazer for 40% off.

This is the cutest spring jacket.

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  1. Oh my goodness Lisa, I am so sorry your hair cut didn't turn out like you wanted. That is so frustrating, especially when you show a picture and discuss it. UGH. I've been there and done that so many times, it makes me very nervous about ever switching styles or stylists. You are beautiful and that face of yours can pull off any style!

  2. Ugh, Lisa, I am soooo sorry about your hair! That really is awful. I know everyone says "it's just hair"...but when it's YOUR hair it's not that easy to just be at peace when you hate what someone else has done to it. I've definitely been there!! Hope your colorist is able to help you find a solution to get through the awkward phase!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

    1. Thanks, Gina! I know - each morning when I try to style it - I am so irritated. I keep reminding myself - it will grow, it will grow...

  3. OMG i am so sorry, this is a nightmare. I hope your color stylist can fix this. ugh this is really the worst specially when you took the time to grow out your hair.


    1. Thanks, Rachelle. You said it perfectly - it is a nightmare! I go to the colorist next week - and hopeful she can make the grow out less painful.

  4. I feel your pain sweet Lisa, not only have I had a bad haircut but a horrible color job where she colored my hair grey! That is why I do my own now. I do love both white jeans outfit and I hope you had a marvelous day today!

  5. I am super lucky and my mother in law cuts my hair !! I would be super sad if i got a bad hair cut :( that being said you are super pretty and i am sure you look beautiful !!

    Jadieegosh   Instagram

  6. I'm so sorry about your hair! I've been fortunate - a good friend cut it for years, and when she moved to Arizona, she recommended someone that has done a great job. I'm sure you look beautiful as always!

  7. I am loving neutral spring looks with white jeans, so I am saving both of these for future styling! =)

    I hope you are having a great week so far!




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