April 23, 2019

How To Style White Blazer for Spring

Thank you for all your kind words yesterday about my hair.

This experience has been a reminder about listening and taking the time for people.  I think we live in a rushed world today - very distracted - and possibly not paying attention to what others are saying.  We need to stop - and listen.  Pay attention to others.  If someone takes the time to talk to you - look at them - and hear them.  I think they stylist was distracted - and thinking about her own things - and not paying attention to me.

We need to be present with those around us.  This is so important - especially with our family and those we love.  Five years ago today, I got a voicemail at work from a nurse at the hospital about my dad - that would change my life.

Out of the blue - without any warning - I received this message...

"Lisa, this is the nursing supervisor at the neuro ICU at the hospital.  If you could please call me back.  Your dad has been admitted to the ICU and we are trying to get in touch with you."

When I got this message - my first thought was - they have the wrong person.  But they did have the right person - my dad was in a coma - never to regain consciousness - and died four days later.

We don't know the last time we will talk to someone - or hear their voice - so take time... pay attention...


These suede mules for only $70 - and available in four colors, including a pretty blush pink.

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This cute camo rain jacket for only $25.

This classic v-neck tank for summer for only $15.

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This flattering dress is on sale for under $50.

This striped ruffle maxi dress is 50% off.

I love the color of this jumpsuit that is 50% off.

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This "tulip" sundress.

This quilted jacket for 60% off - looks just like the Burberry one.

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1 comment:

  1. Oh Lisa, such a painful memory but a good reminder. We really don't know what tomorrow will bring and we must take the time to be present. We will never get a do over for the time we didn't spend.


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