June 7, 2018

9 Summer Dresses + Tops to Shop

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Sandals // Tote (40% off) // Slide Sandals

Is summer your favorite season?  For a lot of people, it is.  I enjoy summer.  I love the warmth, the sun, and being outside; however, summer is not my favorite style season.  I enjoy fall and winter clothes more.  I love boots, jackets, sweater, and jeans.   Summer means hot weather and the need for shorts!

Full disclosure, I do not like wearing shorts - in public.  I have always been critical of my legs, especially the “whiteness” at the start of summer.  We recently had a heat wave where I live, and I had to be outside - and needed to wear shorts, so I thought I would try some self tanner - to add a little color to my legs.  As hard as I tried to have it turn out “natural” - it ended up with those annoying streaks - right down the front of my shin and ankle!  After the debacle, a friend reminded me of this “airbrush tanner” product.  I have heard great reviews of it before - so I am going to give it a try.  I’ll let you know what I think.

Anyone else have great self tanner products they highly recommend?

These ankle strap heels are only $30 - and look just like the Sam Edelman ones.

This striped jumpsuit is only $30.

This is what I want others to think when I show up.

This really cute summer tank sweater is marked down to $17!

Lemon print is the summer trend - and these pajama shorts are only $8.

I love the floral palm print on this jumpsuit that’s only $33.

How about this lace off the shoulder dress - in three pretty colors for under $100.

This studded shoulder bag is only $30 - and looks like a designer bag.

This high/low hem ruffle maxi dress - with a great bold floral print is only $37!

This classic cardigan with puffed sleeves is only $15!

These are my favorite bootie socks - and a set of 3 are under $4.

I love the bold color of this belted tank dress.

This striped jumpsuit is under $50.

Also, don't miss the 50% off sale at LOFT.

Looking to create a stylish outfits from your closet - check out my inspiration HERE.

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  1. Living in Florida - where it's show-your-skin season year round and being naturally very pale has made self tanner my bff. I have used so many and always ended up with streaks or patches. I swear by the Sally Hansen product but I use Jergen's Instant Sun self tanning mousse a few times a week. It works well and you can see where it goes so there are no surprises!

  2. Those print slides! Oh, I'm in love! Great finds.


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