February 28, 2018

Try On Session + Spring Skirts

 Striped Twill Shirt (Only $17)

Layering Tee (This is my absolute favorite t-shirt.)

Open Front Cardigan (Only $14 on sale) 

Classic Cardigan (Only $20)

This is a really cute skirt!

Please excuse how I tied the skirt.  I should have tied it like they do in the picture online. The way I tied it makes it look awkward - but the picture online is so much better!

Also, don't you love my boots.  I might wear it with boots - maybe not those - but I have this thing about bare feet in dressing rooms. My dermatologist has scared me by talking about foot fungus that lingers on carpets!

I love this skirt. I left the store - and thought - why did I not buy it!  It has an elastic band (no zipper) which makes it very comfortable.

How can it be the last day of February?  I feel like time is flying - and I am running around crazy busy.  Exciting news - I got my "final" sample of one of my designs - and I love it!!!  I wore it yesterday.  It was super comfy - and I think it is ready to go to production.  Yay!!!

I wanted to share more from my try on sessions - but I ran out of time.  Also, if you have any questions about sizing, please leave me a comment - and I will respond.

Also, I shared more from my Old Navy try on session here - and there are some great deals!

This is the cutest striped blouse with a tie at the waist - and it’s only $18!

A classic white blouse that is only $25.

One of my favorite colors of sweaters - and it’s $35.

A bright sunny sweater for spring!

A cute ruffled sleeve blouse that is only $25.

These suede ankle booties are a great deal.

A cozy belted cardigan for spring.

What fun these suede shoes are - and they are an amazing price!

I like these heeled leopard mules - there’s also a flat version.

Pink loafers - and they amazingly are only $60.

A striped blouse with tie sleeves.

I like this green sweater - and it’s only $25.

 A pretty trumpet sleeve blouse - and it’s only $15.

Looking to create easy outfits from your closet - check out my inspiration HERE.

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  1. You tried on some great pieces, my favorite is the belted skirt and floral top - I love the bright colors. I am excited to see your clothing line and I'm so very happy things are moving along - yay YOU!!!!!Can't wait!

  2. Okay the pocket skirt is so cute and you look amazing in it! I don't get to wear skirts that often, but I think I need that one!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  3. i just stumbled upon your blog and it's amazing! i LOVE this kind of post! these piece of clothing are so so pretty, i wanna buy them all! but can we talk about how cute those white shoes are? GORGEOUS! x
    have a lovely day!

  4. I was eyeing that pink fuzzy shirt last time I was at loft but it was not on sale! This is making me think I need to head back <3 Love everything you tried on!!! <3 Jamie


  5. I love when you do these, and I'm always so grossed out about bare feet on dressing room floors too! now I know to be terrified, haha...yep that's my take away after seeing all of those pretty things.

  6. I love a good skirt. Loft, Express Banana and J. Crew always have some great, unique skirts. Love love the entire outfit featuring the red skirt and floral blouse. You should go for it!!

    Welcome by and join my special Celebration Thurday Moda today! It is a good one. ;-) Thank you and have a great weekend! Ada =)


  7. You tried no so many nice pieces. I really like the pretty colors and that red skirt is Amazing! I try not to ever have bare feet in the dressing rooms, too. Now I am glad that has always been my general stance! Thanks for linking up, Lisa!


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