February 1, 2018

Styling a Yellow Sweater for Spring

1. Denim Shirt // 2. Love Necklace (Personalized Option) // 3. Yellow Sweater
4. Crossbody Bag // 5. White Jeans // 6. Bootie Sandal

So, this is how life goes… A few days ago, I shared how excited I was that my clothing line was moving along and everything seemed to be FINALLY happening.  Well, I found out from my garment maker yesterday that they are no longer going to help me with any more of my designs.  They are finishing-up the one they are working on, and then not going to assist with the others, even though they have all my materials for them.  So, I am in search of a new place to work with.  Sometimes things happen for the best - and I am believing there is something better. 

In better news, January is over and we are one month closer to warmer weather.  February seems like a happier month (maybe because of Valentine’s Day).  I was recently going through my old posts, and I came across THIS POST I did called “Shades of Red”.  It still may be one of my favorite posts.  (Funny story - that post must have been so well received that someone actually ripped off the entire post and published it on their blog- like my exact image and exact links.)

Lastly, be sure to check out that yellow sweater that is only $25!  It also comes in other colors.


This is the cutest ruffle swimsuit and it's under $35.

This “heart” cardigan is only $15 - would be cute for Valentine’s Day.

This Chloe look alike bag is only $40!

This tropical one piece suit is only $18 - and so fun!

This floral two piece suit is such a great deal - $10 bottoms and $15 top.

These $4 sunglasses look just like a designer pair.

This Chloe look - alike O-ring bag is suede and a great deal!

These chocolates would make a good gift and the heart box would be cute to display later.

These are adorable “heart” flip flops.

I have been looking for new socks - and I like these “dotted” ones - almost look like tiny hearts.

This oversized “pink” hoodie looks comfy (even if I found it in the men’s section).

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  1. I was just thinking about your clothing line, and I hate to hear that you hit a snag. I can't wait for you to unveil it! This is such a happy color for spring, and I seriously need that bag in my life.
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  2. I'm sorry about the garment maker but it's probably best that it happened now before you had tons of orders coming in and no way to fill them!
    I'm excited to see your line!

  3. Wish I was a garment maker because I would create your line! You are brilliant and I know someone out there will pick it up! Ahh every time I see yellow, I think of you!

  4. fun outfit you put together! I like the yellow!


  5. Sorry to hear you've had a setback with your clothing line. I hope you get it resolved. I love the yellow sweater, these colours look so fresh...perfect for Spring! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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