May 11, 2016

How to Style Sneakers & Blazer

blazer and sneakers_spring outfit_cute outfit

1. Denim Jacket: H&M  // 2. Sunglasses: H&M ($13) // 3. Blazer: TOPSHOP
4. Jeans: H&M ($20) // 5. Tee: TOPSHOP  // 6. Satchel: Rebecca Minkoff
7. Pants: H&M ($18) // 8. Sneakers: Nike // 9. Lipstick: MAC
10. Lipliner: MAC // 11. Platform Sneakers: H&M

Today is Style Perspectives with The Blended Blog.  The look is sneakers with a blazer and our host is Carrie from A Lovely Little Wardrobe

I had high hopes of getting pictures of what I wanted to wear this week.  I had my new sneakers - and my neon yellow sweater and leather jacket, which was going to substitute for the blazer; however, they just did not happen.  I will am still going to take them, though, and I will post them next week.

So, for this week, I put pulled some Pinterest -inspired sneaker/blazer looks, and created a style board with a couple of options for how to wear this trend.

Be sure to link up your sneaker/blazer look.

Also, yesterday was an expensive day...
For those you that read my post yesterday about my troubles with my washer - well, the culprit was not small objects (as expected) - the whole washer is broken - and beyond repair.  I guess it had a good life - 14 years with no major problems - and a lot of laundry. The bad part is that I just spent money last week fixing the the dryer and a few days later the washer breaks- and we have to buy a whole new set!  Any recommendations on front loading washer and dryers... please share.  And, if a broken washer wasn't enough -  yesterday at work my husband managed to rip the entire front of his pant - he got caught on a sharp edge - and unfortunately, the pants are beyond repair, too.  Worst part  - it was my favorite suit of his.

For this look, I was out of my comfort zone, and styled a bandana.

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  1. Love the look you out together and cannot wait to see the neon yellow ensemble!! Oh man about the W&D, we have always had luck with LG models, we have all stainless steel appliances and W&D in LG and love problems and does a great job!

  2. I want to be all of those pinterest models and have their clothing. Great choices! Also boo to broken washer and dryers :( I have top loading only so no help to you LOL

  3. Can't wait to see the pictures, you always have such wonderful ideas on each prompt!

  4. Absolutely in love with those nikes!!

    xx Leah /

  5. Ahhh the pinterest pictures, if only mine turned out that way in real life. Love all the black and white.

  6. I love both looks!!! Can't wait to see how your look comes together!!

    Simply Shaunacey

  7. You have the best graphics! Seriously the way you put them together fantastic! I can't wait to see the outfit you had in mind on you!

  8. Love this! The sneaker trend is so fun!

  9. I was just thinking I don't use blazers enough. Great inspiration.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  10. I just love the casual chic vibe of a blazer and tennis shoes! Can't wait to see your take!

  11. Love both of these casual looks - I love wearing sneakers on the weekend!

  12. Great looks! Sorry about your washer & dryer - I honestly don't like my front loaders. Next time I'm getting the big drum machines that top load.

  13. I really like this athleisure trend and your selection is very pretty!


  14. Perfectly styled options (as usual). We recently replaced both our washer and dryer. Surprisingly, we went with a front loader. I think it just might be the better option.

  15. I have been loving this trend! So sporty chic!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  16. Tough week you are having. Hope things begin to look brighter this weekend. I am not totally sold on my front loader washer. It seems to stay dampish inside longer than a top loader. And I live in the desert. Imagine if it was humid. Makes the drum smell sour. And I have to clean it a lot. Just my two cents. On to your looks. Fabulous. Who knew tennies could look so polished.

  17. Sneakers are not my first choice with Blazers but that style does look effortless and chic. I love your styling options
    Red Reticule

  18. Aww man, broken washers are no fun. I just got a new one and it is a LG front loader and it has been great so far.

  19. I love both of those outfits in the first collage. So fresh, clean, modern and minimalistic. The Nike shoes are great.

    Come join my linkup on Thursdays, pretty lady and share your awesome sense of stylw with other fashionistas! =) Thanks Lisa and have a great weekend! Ada. =)


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