December 5, 2014


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1. Scarf / 2. Purse / 3. Plaid Pumps (back in stock!) / 4. Plaid Boots / 5. Scarf (under $20!)

Shop More Plaid:

Complete the Look:

Plaid is extremely popular right now.  Here are just a few ways to style it and some accessories and shoes, like these plaid pumps that just came back in stock.  I think they would be perfect for the Christmas season (and even this winter).

If you are looking for some more ways to style plaid - here is a mixed print, moto, dressy, and school girl look.

Christmas Baking
Making Christmas cookies was a tradition when I was growing up. My mom and I would always spend time decorating cookies while listening to Christmas music.  Today two of my favorite Christmas desserts are...

If you are looking for fun Christmas cookie cutters... 
here is a tree, 18 piece set - only $11!, and snowflake

And, for more Christmas food inspiration - be sure to check out these bloggers...


  1. I love biscotti and often make a chocolate one to give as gifts. Hmm...maybe this year!?

    Plaid is one of my faves too! I especially like the black red buffalo plaid in your pics!

  2. ohhhh loving these plaid looks! especially with the gold sparkles! fun!

  3. I'm obsessed with plaid this season! Love the look of the blanket scarf and red hunters and the gold sequin top and plaid pants!


  4. I love all things plaid this season! I am literally in plaid PJ's writing this!

  5. Those plaid pieces are great..and I love the idea of making cookie part of the tradition of Christmas!

    1. Thanks. I need to get back to making cookies with my mom - we used to have so much fun.

  6. To say I'm obsessed with plaid this season is an understatement! Love the cookie cutters too

    Xo Miriam

  7. I gotta say that I have quite a plaid collection myself! Love all of your picks.

  8. I'm all about the plaid & love finding two cookie recipes I haven't tried before, thanks!! Jen

    1. I would definitely recommend those cookies - the rosemary ones are very unique.


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