November 5, 2014

Nordstrom Sale & Funny Outtakes

 As I mentioned yesterday in my deals under $30 post, Nordstrom is my favorite place to shop for sales.  Here are a few of my picks from their clearance sale that started today!

Shop Sale Handbags (some under $30!):

Shop Sale Shoes:

Shop Sale Dresses/Shirts:

Shop Sale Jackets/Sweaters:

Funny Outtakes
If you look at blogs, you know that most pictures bloggers include look "perfect".  Well, as any blogger knows, or at least for me, to get a few pictures that look good, there are a lot of not so great ones.  And, living in the windy (flat) Midwest, I am constantly fighting the wind.  So, I thought I would include some of my crazy windswept hair.  Here are just a few outtakes from previous looks (and these are just a few of the wind problem ones - trust me, there are plenty of other with not so great facial expressions or poses)... 

Outfit details: Look 1 // Look 2

Outfit details: Look 1 // Look 2

Fall Style Me Pretty Challenge
This week wrapped up the 21 day style challenge. Be sure to check out the some style inspiration from these lovely ladies below.  It is fun to see what they have worn throughout the week.

Deena | Christy | Jordan | Carrie C. | Shaunacey | Danielle | Beth | Joy | Sarah | 


  1. Hahahah- I love this post! I may copy it...

  2. I love outtake posts, always so funny! I'm def going to hit up that Nordstrom sale!!


  3. Love your "blooper" pics - it usually takes me about 20 pictures to get one I like!

    1. Isn't it crazy how many pics it takes to get one good one. Thanks, Lana.

  4. What a fun post! Love your outtake photos! Great roundup of sale finds!


  5. Love your outtake photos - too fun!!


    P.S. Hope you will stop by and join TBT Fashion link up.

  6. I love this cause its so true! Great post!


  7. Visiting from the linkup and girl- those windy pictures are too funny! I have to agree, working when it's windy can make photos almost impossible… unless your hair is up lol. Have a great day :)


  8. I literally want every single bag you picked! Amazing choices! I have a folder of funny outtakes from photo shoots. If you can't make fun of yourself and have fun with it, then what can you do ;)

  9. OMG the outtakes are hilarious! I hate dealing with the wind - such a pain!

    - Deniz

  10. I hate taking pictures when it is windy...not fun!

  11. Yep, love this post! Yep, the same has happened to me so this cracked me up. Still love those leopard print shoes. Glad you linked up!

  12. Love all the outtakes, too funny:-) I have many of those as well.


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