November 7, 2014

Holiday Mix & Match

ugly christmas sweater, holiday sweaters, nordstrom

The "Ugly Christmas Sweater" or "Sexy Santa" are fun, but if you are looking for more style inspiration for what to wear to your holiday parties this year I may have some ideas.

 This holiday season I am putting together a series on how to mix & match different items in your closet (and possibly some new additions) to meet your holiday party attire needs - from comfy to dressy - to what to wear to Thanksgiving dinner or your office Christmas party.  My goal is to take the minimum amount of items and maximize the outfit combinations to meet all the attire needs.

Here is a sample of a dressy and casual look from last year...
(Also, a few mix & match ideas from last year here and here)...

Lastly, I am participating in link-up with some bloggers I met through the style challenge.  Be sure to check out their blogs and some organizational tips.  Plus, one of the weeks we will be offering a giveaway - details to be announced later.

I don't have a peek into my closet because it is not that glamorous, but here are just a few organizational tips from me.

Closet Organizing:
  • Group items by type (blouse, jackets, etc.) & arrange by color (white, black, gray, etc.)
  • Hang hangers on the rod backwards. If you wear the item, when you hang it back up, place the hanger correctly on the rod. This helps to quickly ID what has been worn and what has not when you do a closet clean-out.
Donating Items:
  • I donate some items to Fashion Project. For every 5 items taken, you get a $40 Nordstrom gift card!  Plus they donate money to a charity of your choice.

  • Store shoes in boxes (keeps them from getting dusty).  Mark on outside of box a description of shoe (brand, color, etc.) - this helps to quickly ID the shoes.


  1. Love the reindeer sweater! Ugly Christmas sweaters are so fun! xo Andrea

    Boho Bunnie

  2. I love the idea of hanging the clothes on the rod backwards. Thanks for sharing Fashion Project - I hadn't heard of them before!

  3. love the hanger idea, one of my friends was just telling me about that today! brilliant!

  4. I love the reindeer sweater! Perfect for an ugly sweater party, I'm getting it! Thanks!


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