A Little More About Me

Get to know me a little better - here are just a few facts about me, my background, and what I would like to do.

1. What would you consider your greatest accomplishment and why? 
One of my greatest accomplishments would be going to NYC and studying fashion design at Parsons New School for Design.  I was super nervous about how I would fit in and compare to others that might have more experience in fashion than me (and were most likely younger). My course covered everything from conceptualization to creating a runway collection - like Project Runway.  I learned about fashion illustration, pattern-making, and how to sew (on an industrial machine).  For the course, we had to design a 10 piece collection - and sew one of the garments - in a very short time! I had four days of sewing. At the end, I was thrilled (and extremely thankful) to be at the top of my class. The whole experience was so rewarding - a once in a lifetime opportunity, which I am so grateful for.

2. What is your greatest unfulfilled ambition? 
My greatest unfulfilled ambition would be finding a job that I truly enjoy and feel fulfilled doing.  I have of a lot of interests - in college my major changed several times.  I really did not know what I wanted to do.  One thing for sure is that I like helping people, so I would really love to find a way to work as a stylist and designer as a full time job.  I would like to help others feel great about themselves and what they are wearing, and make a lasting first impression.

3. What is something that people might be surprised to know about you? 

I love to laugh. To those that don’t know me that well, they probably think I am a serious person, but in all actuality, I like laugh - and at some things others might find inappropriate.  I would say that I get my sense of humor from my grandparents, and, my practical joke side from my dad.

4. What hobbies do you have other than blogging? 

I take on a lot of “artistic” projects.  I have a lot of ideas - but they do not always get finished — painting, photography, knitting, sewing, wall art - the list could go on.  My husband just wishes I would follow-through on something!  Although, I have knitted a sweater, sewn a jacket and purse (a couple of them), and made a few calendars of my photographs (for myself and family) - so I have completed a few things :)

5. What inspired you to start blogging? 
I love shopping, finding great deals, and helping others pick out what to wear. I started my blog, Daily Style Finds, as a way to share with others the current trends in fashion and how to style them.  I love creating style boards of complete looks - that show how to put an outfit together.

6. What has been the biggest challenge with blogging? 
Marketing my blog. I would love to reach a larger audience, so I do not feel like I am just writing to my family and friends.  I wish there was a magic button I could click to make my blog popular.  One thing is that blogging takes a lot of time, dedication, and work to keep it going, but is something I have stuck with and find relaxing for the most part.

7. What is your style “uniform”? 
I am a jeans girl.  My style is mostly simple and classic with a few trends.  I wear a lot of black and neutral colors, and very few prints, with the exception of leopard.  My favorite things to shop for are leather jackets, chunky sweaters and shoes.  You can never have to many shoes - and my favorite brand for many, many years has been Nine West.  I think I might have been one of their first online customers. My other place to shop is Nordstrom

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  1. Taking the blog to a larger audience is a hard job for sure! All the best girl!!


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