November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving

(On Sale!)

(On Sale!)

See Chloe Hiking Boots, Black Friday Gifts for Her 2020

(On Sale!)

Happy Thanksgiving!

On this day - let us be thankful.  This devotional on being grateful is a great reminder.

"Let’s choose to respond to the Lord each day by developing an attitude of gratitude. This is not just an occasional expression of thanks, but a continual lifestyle of thanksgiving. The person who has developed an “attitude of gratitude” is one who is thankful and grateful for every single thing that God is doing in his or her life day by day."

I hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving Day.  If you are doing any shopping here are some picks.

That fair isle sweater brings back memories - I bought a sweater just like that back in the mid 1990s from a street vendor - and it was one of my favorite sweaters.

NOTE: Yesterday the links in my post were not working.  They are back - and you can check out the deals HERE.

I love this sweater for 50% off.

I bought this sweater for $15.

I use this hair brush every day.

This is my favorite lipstick - and this mini set is a great deal.

This fun plaid blazer is 30% off - and a great price.

This sweater is only $17 - and comes in 12 colors.

I bought this sweater for 40% off - and I love it!

This sweatshirt for 30% off.

These are my favorite brand of jeans - and they are on sale.

This v-neck sweater is 60% off - and great lilac color (and more colors).

This confetti hat is popular and only $15.

I shared another gift guide HERE and HERE - and more deals HERE.

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  1. I love all of the sweaters and the hiking boots are so stylish and fun! I really need to live someplace cooler - I'd have so much fun shopping!


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