May 6, 2019

Spring Picks + Get to Know Me Q & A

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As I mentioned, today I am sharing more about myself and answering some questions from my friend, Gina.

Also, after my Q & A, I am sharing a great daily round up of finds and deals - so don't miss that at the end of the post!

1. What's one thing (or more) you wish you understood sooner about blogging?

A few things I wish I knew sooner...

1. The importance of outfit photos and showing the clothes in real life.  I love putting together the outfit collages; however, I have realized that seeing the clothes in real life is very helpful and engaging.

2. I wish I had invested more time in Instagram when I first started.  Instagram was new and the algorithm was a lot more favorable for growth.

3. Lastly, the importance of collaborations.  At first, I did not engage much with others.  I am so thankful over the last few years, I have started to collaborate with others.

2. What has been your best strategy for getting traffic to your blog? 
For me, Google and Pinterest have been the biggest traffic channels.  One of my pins last year went "viral" - and it drove a huge amount of traffic to my blog. It really helped to grow my blog.
3. Unsolicited Advice: Give some unsolicited advice to the blogging community/bloggers in general. e.g. if there's a mistake you see a lot of people making or a tip you think people ought to know (but apparently don't), share it!

It kind of depends on the blog. I might notice something that I would do differently - but then I am reminded that we are all our own person with our own style. Along those lines, I would say that in blogging it is easy to get wrapped up in comparison - and loose our "uniqueness".  If anything, I would say - be true to what you like and your style. 
4. Share a favorite blogging memory. Whether it's a favorite post or collaboration/sponsorship or real life meet up that resulted from blogging.

I cannot think of just one.  A few things that stand out would be - when I got my first commission (someone actually bought something I recommended - I was so thrilled!).  I still get excited when someone buys something I recommend (and trust me - I am not rolling in the big bucks - so I notice a sale!).  Another would be having a "viral" pin on Pinterest.  It was so fun to see my Google Analytics spike with so much traffic.  Something that means a lot is when a fellow blogger features something of mine on their blog!  And, lastly would be the people I have met.  I have enjoyed getting to know "new friends".
5. Non-blogging bonus question: What are some of your favorite, most-used phone apps (besides social media!)
I have my logistical apps - what is the weather going to be - Weather and Weather Underground - and my traffic app - Waze.

My "verse of the day" on the Bible app.

And, what is that song - on Shazam.

Also, I use the Podcasts app to listen to my favorite podcasts, Joyce Meyer and InTouch by Charles Stanley.

This animal print shirt dress for only $20.

This white boho blouse for 40% off.

This white blazer for 50% off.

This floral maxi dress for only $25 - with a fun back detail.

This pretty lilac floral maxi dress for 50% off.

This flattering white jumpsuit for $40.

This floral cover up for $25.

My favorite designer jeans - on sale for $70!

These slip on sneakers on sale for $40.

This chambray jumpsuit - with fun strap details - and only $30.

These snake slides for $25.

This gingham jumpsuit for $35.

This linen paper bag pants for $40 - great for summer styled with slides and a tank.

This button front white dress is 50% off.

I shared a cute vacation outfit with under $30 items HERE and under $50 items HERE.

Bonus Question: What other hobbies do you have?
In addition to blogging about fashion and trying to get a start up fashion design business started - I love art!  I have always enjoyed art.  I even stopped playing the violin in high school - just so I would an extra class period open for art class.  Yesterday, my mom and I took an art workshop together.  And, this is what I created... For a first time ever doing this type of technique and not doing any art project in probably 15 years - I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

Any guess on my inspiration???

Our workshop was encaustic painting, which is hot wax painting that originated in 100 A.D. You start with a wood canvas with a "gesso-like" primer applied.  Then, you melt colored wax in a hot skillet (your palette).  You mix different colors together to get the desired color and then paint it onto the wood canvas.  Once you the color on, you melt it with something like a hair dryer, which melts the wax and creates the movement.  It is a tricky process.  If you heat it too much - it takes away the color or the position of the heat "swirls" the color.  The process continues with painting and melting on more colors to create the final piece.  It was a lot like watercolor painting but with wax.

I just added new fashion favorites for spring - check them out HERE.

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  1. It was fun to read your answers! I wish I had spent more time on Insta too - had no idea when I started blogging how important it would be. I love all of your picks today!

  2. Your talent and heart amaze me. How fun to do the art workshop. Loved reading more about AMAZING you!

  3. Thank you so much for playing along today! I LOVED reading your answers! (And added them to my original post in case anyone sees that and wants to read the answers.) Your blogging memories were so fun and I totally agree- I'm always very flattered when someone buys something I recommend. And your artwork is beautiful! You are so talented in the visual arts.

  4. YOu are so gifted! I miss working with you and chatting.

  5. Love your picks- and this cool Q&A!

    It's so crazy when someone buys something I have shared/recommended- it makes me feel helpful! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge


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