June 23, 2017

My Friday Five + Five Random Facts about Me

1. Sunglassess: Prada // 2. Dress: Topshop // 3. Necklace: Kendra Scott
4. Straw Clutch Bag: H&M (Only $18) // 5. Fragrance: AERIN // 6. Heels: Merona (Only $30)

This looks like the perfect summer evening outfit.  I also found a similar striped dress that is more of a sleeveless shirt dress and is only $25.


 1. My favorite blouse - I own it in several colors and a few prints.

2. This cute floral dress that is only $25.

3. This great layering cardigan.

4. This boyfriend blazer that is 50% off.

5. My favorite sundress - that I just got and love the new color.

1. A lot of people may find this hard to believe  - but I do not shop at Target.  I think I have been in a Target only twice in my life - once to buy a gift for friends that were registered there, and another time when I won a gift certificate.

2. I only watched the first couple series of The Bachelor.  I know people love it - I just do not.

3. My favorite (and only) show I watch on HGTV is House Hunters.  I love seeing what houses look like and are priced in other cities. 

4. I do not like to read.  Growing up, I liked math and science (and the arts - drawing, painting, etc.) - but reading never interested me. Now, the reading I do is non fiction - and more for learning new things and growth.

5.  I am an only child.  I love being around other people, but I am also just as content on my own.

Also, my friends at The Blended Blog are hosting a Fashion link up.

I am participating in the following link-ups.


  1. More reasons to love you!! Wish we could watch House Hunters together!! I pretty much think I must have that Topshop dress..such cuteness!! Have a wonderful weekend my sweet and beautiful friend!!

  2. Love the H&M dress pattern! LauriePOP Ideas That POP

  3. Girl! Target is my life!!! I don't think there is a week that goes by that I am not there. These are great picks, especially the dress!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  4. I love that blue dress!!! I don't watch the Bachelor either. Sometimes I feel like such a weirdo. Fun to learn more about you.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  5. I would totally watch House Hunters more if I remembered- also love the vacation properties one. Love learning everything about you!

  6. House Hunters is one of my favorite HGTV shows too. I love that blue dress and those sunnies!

    Doused In Pink

  7. Thank you for sharing more about yourself. I remember how close you were to your aunt. I am wondering now if it was because you were an only child, so you developed closer relationships with adults in your life. Now I will take off my psychologist's hat!

    Interesting that you don't like to read. I am not sure I do either. I mean, I don't like to sit down and take the time to read. And when I do read, I do a lot of skimming. Not good.

    Loved this darling dress when I saw the photo on Instagram. Loft had a skirt that reminds me of this dress and I had a skirt long, long ago that had the same soft ruffles.

    1. You are so insightful and have a great memory to remember my aunt from last year.

  8. Love learning new things about you! I don't watch the bachelor either. Watched one or two seasons at the very beginning. I don't watch much TV in general. I'll have to check out house hunters and see what it's like. I like Fixer Upper from time to time. I love to read! Do you enjoy reading blogs or do you just look at the pictures? ;-)

    1. I am kind of a picture person - I have to make a conscious effort to read.


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