December 30, 2016

The Best of 2016: My Top Five Purchases

1. These suede booties.  I got them in the dark red color; however, they really are more of a purple.  When I was out to dinner one night and saw a girl wearing them paired with black jeans and an off white sweater - I knew I wanted them.  When they went 60% off - I knew I wanted to get them.  I still can’t believe they have so many sizes in stock!

2. This sweater is 40% off - and I love the tan color.  It also comes in black.  It is under $30 and looks great paired with jeans and leopard shoes.

3. I am always cold and this is the warmest sweater.  The boucle texture makes it look so cozy. This is another cozy, soft sweater that I am so glad I bought.  It is another super warm sweater.  It is kind of the t-neck version of the other crewneck one.

4. This cardigan is one of my favorites.  It is under $50 - and perfect for layering.

5. I am a big Ohio State fan - and this sweater will be the perfect color combination to wear to watch the game.  It will look paired with high-waisted flare jeans and lace up booties.  Plus it is 50% off and under $30. It also comes in an off white.

And, I was just going to make this my top five, but when I got done I realized there are two other items I recently purchased that I really look forward to wearing/using.

This velvet bag and this purple/burgundy leather jacket.  I bought them both on an additional sale - and they were great bargains.  If you are looking for a buttery leather jacket or a fun cross-body bag - these are my top picks.


  1. I always have closet envy of all your wonderful things.

  2. I think those purple/burgundy booties that you have as number one are my favorites! These are all great purchases, though!

  3. Loving that black cozy sweater, it may need to live with me soon!
    Happy New Year!

    Whitney & Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod


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